Coffee-based and Eco-Conscious: In Conversation with BEIGIC’s Founder Kate Namgung

Coffee-based and Eco-Conscious: In Conversation with BEIGIC’s Founder Kate Namgung

The innovator of coffee-based skincare products, BEIGIC’s founder Kate Namgung shares her holy grail products, how to achieve a sustainable skincare routine and what’s next for the Korean cosmetic line.

needn’t only apply to your interiors. Since its
inception in 2018, BEIGIC founder Kate Namgung has been championing a
striped-back approach to skincare. Instead of filling our bathroom
shelves with an apothecary of products, the beauty guru carefully
curated an intimate line of products to encourage skincare fanatics
to shop more thoughtfully.

The concept is simple. Each vegan-approved product – you’ll find
the cult BEIGIC face oil stashed in our Carry On K-Beauty
– has been designed with core concerns in mind. Wipe away
misconceptions of 18-step routines, BEIGIC’s three-step solution
ensures skin is kept cleansed, hydrated, and radiant.

BEIGIC’s hero ingredient? Green coffee beans. Much like your
obligatory morning cup of joe, each skincare-saving product is
packed with rich, active ingredients that helps skin to feel awake
and revived. Essential amino acids smooths fine lines, while the
natural caffeine helps skin achieve that enviable, dewy glow.

Here, founder Kate Namgung share’s her go-to travel products,
revolutionary skincare tips and why our skin deserves a caffeine

Skincare tips, self-care routines and hero ingredients: meet
BEIGIC founder Kate Namgung.

Share BEIGIC’s ethos.

BEIGIC strives to widen the scope of vegan beauty and introduce
an authentic way of consuming beauty to a wider spectrum of beauty
lovers. The vegan genre is relatively new, so the majority of
potential customers we caught up with had doubts if vegan beauty
products could replace their regular routine. This was not only in
terms of efficacy but also sensorial experience and aesthetic, we
strive to be the solution with no compromise.

Describe BEIGIC in three words…

Coffee, vegan and minimalist.

What sets you apart from other K-beauty brands?

There’s three things. Firstly, our identity and mood. When we
first launched in Korea,
many people assumed we were from a Nordic country because of our
calm and soothing designs. Second, is our hero ingredient. Coffee
is not a common ingredient in Korea, we’re the first selfcare brand
who built its universe around coffee-culture. Last but not least is
our range. Simplicity is our key, whilst many other K-beauty brands
tend to boast a complex routine with an overwhelming product
line-up – we champion a smaller range.

For the uninitiated, what’s BEIGIC’s holy grail product?

Regenerating oil! This oil sparked immediate attention from
experts around the globe and received a plethora of cosmetic
awards. It took us over two years to finalize the formula, we hoped
to develop a face oil that was light-weight, fast absorbing and a
comfortable summer product. Today, we’re proud to say it turned out
just as we had envisioned and is loved for its detail’s we worked
so hard to perfect.

Share with us some tips in making our skincare routine more

When it comes to environmental impact, there’s no better
consumption than no consumption. It’s important to only buy what’s
essential and necessary, always be responsible for your

What do you do when you’re in need of a bit of self-care?

Like everyone else, my day is packed with meetings, emails and
business trips. So to empty my brain, I give myself time to
completely disconnect before going to bed. That time is my
self-care. Giving my undivided attention to each product, I gently
apply to my skin and savour the feeling. I religiously end this
ritual with an extra-large mug of hot herbal tea.

What is your all-time favourite skin care product?

Facial exfoliator. Often when the skin’s charged with negatives
and the pores are blocked, the most powerful and potent ingredients
cannot penetrate deeply enough to make an impact on the skin.
Regular exfoliation has been the key to my routine for a long time,
I love how it immediately smooths and refines my skin. For a long
time I found them leaving my skin rather dry. With our correcting exfoliator, we focused on improving
the skin’s texture but also its hydration to deliver a finish of
dewy and beautiful skin. Try it not just for the above, but for its
heavenly coffee scent.

One skincare tip you swear by…

If your skin feels dull or dry and you’re in desperate need of a
quick fix, merge your facial oil and facial cream together – this
saves the stress of adding a new production to your routine.
Combine a good amount of hydration cream and an oil, mix it in your
hands and use it as a mask. Be sure to massage it into the skin for
five minutes, the morning after you’ll hardly recognise the feel
and look of your skin!

Shop your skincare line. What products are on your bathroom

Trying new products is part of the job. So my bathroom shelf
never stays the same. But there’s one product that I always stock
up, our volumizing shampooing scrub. With its minty
and sea salt scent, it gives an invigorating and refreshing
feeling. It effectively removes impurities and gives a natural
volume to your hair – it’s a game changer.

One product you never travel without…

The smaller size of the
regenerating oil
is the perfect size to carry around. You’ll
find it in my in-cabin pouch at any time of year, I apply it to my
face and lips whenever I feel my skin needs moisture. Top tip: for
a dewy make-up look, add a few drops to your BB cream.

Finally, what’s next for BEIGIC?

We have so many exciting and inspiring ideas that are currently
being thrown into the mix. One of our latest projects is opening a
BEIGIC Café in some of the world’s most famous cities (Seoul,
Tokyo and
Paris), picture a place to try products whilst relaxing with a
caffeine refuel.

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