The Best Urban Beaches in Europe (beyond Barcelona and Lisbon)

The Best Urban Beaches in Europe (beyond Barcelona and Lisbon)

cities sit conveniently on the coastline it seems only
logical to combine your city break with some sunbathing. Skimming
over the obvious in favour of the Euro nouveau, scroll on for our
pick of the best city beaches this side of the

Pirita Beach

Tallinn, Estonia

A handful of beaches surround the old Estonian city of
, meaning the city’s sands are yours for the taking. The
prime spot is at Pirita, the largest and most popular, located just
6km from the city; skip the taxi and cycle along the narrow band of
pine forest snaked with a bike track to your seaside destination.
Best visited at sunset or early in the morning, an ice-cream
pitstop (any time of day) is a rite of passage.


Trieste, Italy

More of a walk by the coast than a day at the beach, Lungomare’s
4km seafront promenade serves up good-time vibes and some delicious
regional seafood. Right on the border to Slovenia, Trieste’s
eclectic cool is unlike anywhere else in Italy.
Stretching from the centre of town as far as the Miramare Castle,
Lungomare is the daily thoroughfare for swimmers, sunbathers and

Coral Beach

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This beautiful walled city with a coastline of tantalisingly
turquoise waters makes it a shoo-in on our list of Euro city
beaches. Possessing a quiet kind of beauty,
‘s hushed half-moon bays attract a sunbathing crowd.
Locals will tell you to bypass the centrally located (and most
popular) Banje Beach in favour of the luxuriant Coral Beach, where
perfectly sculpted sandbanks and a shore dotted with white lounge
chairs await.

Kargı Beach

Bodrum, Turkey

is back. With non-stop nightlife, beautiful waters and
Turkish kebabs galore, we couldn’t be more thankful that it’s
turning its naff image on its head. Head to Kargı Beach on Bodrum’s
southern flank for a guaranteed local crowd, scorching sun and a
welcome breeze. Known more commonly as Camel Beach, this is a great
swimming spot on the Bodrum Peninsula.

Matosinhos Beach

Porto, Portugal

Sandwiched by gorgeous coastline, Porto
has bountiful beaches (albeit with cooler waters) plus, its
northern positioning means it’s likely to be less crowded than the
Algarve. Our advice: head straight to Matosinhos Beach – pretty
peaceful in city beach terms. It’s good to note it gets a little
windy here, which makes for strong waves and prime surfing. For
something a little more romantic, head to Praia do Senhor da Pedra
in Miramar.

Playa de la Concha

San Sebastian, Spain

With a thrumming cultural scene,
San Sebastian
is a tapas-laden beach-brimming paradise. Settle
in for a day of sun with a cocktail in hand and stay that way until
night falls and local bars welcomes the foodie crowd indoors. Long
summer months bring with them a fiesta vibe and Concha beach,
surrounded by mountains, is seriously up there on our list.

Amager Beach Park

Copenhagen, Denmark

Less than four miles from Copenhagen‘s
city centre, you’ll find Amager Beach Park. This three-mile long
artificial beach is great for swimming and one of the best spots in
the city to while away lazy summer days and long evenings.
Consisting of an artificial island and a big sandy beach with
dunes, crowds flock here to swim, sunbathe, run, cycle, sail,
snorkel – suffice to say this is one for everyone.

Prado Beach

Marseille, France

No European beach list would be complete without a trip to a
French plage. The second-largest city in France,

has mistakenly been dubbed the “black sheep” of the
Provençal coastline. But spend a day at the Prado Beaches, a group
of three beaches that are easily accessible from the city centre,
and you’ll soon discover that Monaco isn’t necessarily where it’s

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