The Art of Craft: An Evening Celebrating Creators

The Art of Craft: An Evening Celebrating Creators

In partnership with Switzerland Tourism and KCAW, SUITCASE celebrated the Vol. 37:Craft issue surrounded by pioneering creatives, floral masterpieces and delicious food at West London’s Laylow.

and trailblazers from home and abroad came together
to celebrate the release of SUITCASE’s Vol.37: Craft issue and the conclusion of Kensington and Chelsea
in the violet-lit, decadently designed Laylow dining
room. The space, transformed into a whimsical-like garden, fostered
provoking conversations about art in our neighbourhoods, the future
of creativity and the importance of craft amongst the creatives in

In the company of draping greenery and exquisite flower
arrangements, guests indulged in the banquet style meal – South
American delicacies elevated with fresh British produce from the
specialised menu were sprinkled up and down the table. Always with
something to sip, our glasses were never empty thanks to the
generous refills from Swiss Wine.

The night acted as a reflection point for our brilliant
partnership with Switzerland Tourism, and exhibited the
beautiful body of work made possible by the committed collaboration
of our teams. From the illustrated cover of Craft to the in-depth
coverage of Swiss life, SUITCASE highlighted our push for
excellence and the power of travel within the community – who were
all dressed to the nines, may we add.

With full stomachs and hearts – and the latest edition of
SUITCASE in hand – everyone dispersed back into their respective
worlds, ready to keep creating.

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