Brno, Czech Republic

Brno, Czech Republic

More affordable and less touristy than Prague, Brno sets the scene for a charming city break in the Czech Republic.


Brno, Czech Republic.

Why now?

Known as the “hidden heart of Europe”, Brno is garnering
well-deserved recognition as a charming
city-break destination
. Short direct flights mean it’s easy to
reach, while it remains less tourist-filled (and more affordable)
than Prague. Come here to hop between intimate wine bars and dine
in lively restaurants hidden inside modernist Czech

Mornings should be spent eating pastries and sipping coffee in
Náměstí Svobody, the city’s main square, where locals gather
beneath traditional Czech townhouses for morning chitchat. Stroll
around Brno’s centre, where cosy cafés are sandwiched between
towering cathedrals and crumbling churches. Stop by the
11th-century Cathedral of St Peter and Paul, where you can climb to
the top of the tower for views across the city, or the Capuchin
Monastery to visit the crypt, where the mummified remains of
18th-century monks are kept.

On a sunny day, laze in Lužánky park, the city’s largest green
space, with decadent monuments and trickling fountains peppered
throughout. In the evening, slip down one of the city’s side
streets to find hidden wine bars or return to the square to sip on
beer from local brewery Starobrno, which dates back to the
14th century.

Don’t miss…

A day trip to the Moravia countryside. Just outside the city,
Brno Reservoir is perfect for a day spent hiking through thick
forests and walking along the shore. Be sure to visit the
13th-century Veveří Castle – it’s one of the largest in the Czech
Republic, often hosting exhibitions and events with views over the

Who to take with you

A Mozart fan. In 1769, when the composer was 11-years-old, he
performed on stage at the Reduta Theatre, Central Europe’s
oldest of its kind.

When to go

Brno is never packed with tourists, but do plan a visit in
autumn when the parks filled with colour. October
is when the Moravian Autumn festival and the
Exposition of New Music runs,
with orchestras and concerts from across Europe playing.

Where to stay

Stay at U Tomana where light-filled
apartments come with king-size beds, roomy living areas and
contemporary design.

Most likely to bump into…

People searching for the city’s hidden tunnels. After
excavations unveiled tunnels underneath Brno’s churches, passages
underneath the Vegetable Market were opened to the public for
people to explore the city’s labyrinthine tunnels and cellars.

Essentials to bring with you

Brno can get a bit chilly, so be sure to pack this light-grey
Lauren Manoogian Fisherwoman
made from a blend of alpaca wool and organic cotton –
it’s versatile enough to match with most outfits and perfect for
chilly evenings.

How to get there

Fly directly to Brno-Tuřany Airport in just over two hours.

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