Destination Inspiration: Cody, Wyoming, US

Destination Inspiration: Cody, Wyoming, US

An old western town in Wyoming, Cody is a dream destination for any outdoor enthusiast planning a 2022 adventure. Saddle up and get ready to horse ride through verdant valleys, raft on rushing rivers and hike through the iconic Yellowstone National Park.


Cody, Wyoming, US.

Why now?

Sandwiched between Montana, Utah and Colorado, Wyoming is the United States’ 10th
largest – and least densely populated – state. It was also,
incidentally, the first US state to allow women to vote. Though
mention of its name often conjures images of rugged mountain
terrain and sleepy rural outposts, there’s much to recommend in the
thriving cultural scene found within its lesser-trodden towns.

Which is where Cody comes in. Nestled in Wyoming’s north-west,
this former frontier town was founded in 1896 by soldier, bison
hunter and showman Buffalo Bill (William Frederick Cody). Today,
you’ll still find traces of its cowboy roots within the Old Trail
Town, where original spaghetti western-style cabins are the
backdrop for evening rodeos and reenactments of famous gun

History aside, Cody makes the perfect base for those who enjoy
discovering a destination through its natural environment, with
outdoor activities on offer including horse riding, river rafting,
kayaking and hiking. Got a head for heights? Head to the Sleeping Giant resort,
where a zipline will whizz you past the majestic Absaroka

Don’t miss

Yellowstone, the world’s first national park, is less than a
two-hour drive away, sprawling across 9,000sq km of volcanic
wilderness. It is home to some 600 lakes, 300 waterfalls, rugged
canyons, roaring rivers, wildlife-rich woodland, hot springs and
active geysers, including the world-famous Old Faithful. To
discover it all for yourself, we’d recommend entering via the East
Entrance, which allows easy access to the magnificent Yellowstone
Lake – a popular fishing and boating spot. After spending some time
on these much-fabled shores, head for a picnic in the park’s wild
forests, where bison, elk and antelope roam.

yelllowstone national park wyoming
waterfall at yellowstone national park wyoming

Where to stay?

For an off-grid escape, bed down at Sunset Haven. This design-driven two-bedroom
cabin comes with 11 acres of sweeping land, a fancy fire pit and a
barbecue big enough to fit a whole bison on. The best bit? You’re
only a five-minute walk from the centre of Cody, with its many
shops, cafés and bars.

Where to go for dinner?

Love steak? Gallop on down to Cassie’s. This all-singing, all-dancing
restaurant has an inviting atmosphere and a menu to match.
Alongside the star-attraction steaks, you can expect the likes of
buffalo wings, lobster-stuffed mushrooms and Rocky Mountain
oysters. Come prepared to bust a move on the wooden dance floor,

And for a drink…

The Cody Cattle Company. This western watering hole
spotlights upcoming talent at its nightly performances. Plus, its
gooey chocolate brownies are famed locally.

Who to take with you

Grab that friend who spends every free minute outdoors. They’ll
relish Cody’s seemingly endless green spaces.

When to go

The weather in windswept Wyoming can be just as temperamental as
that in the UK. The town’s high elevation means winter temperatures
regularly plummet below freezing. Those looking for guaranteed
sunshine should visit between June and September.

Essentials to pack

One for capturing the moment? The Tom Ford Leather iPhone Lanyard will be
your friend when it comes to creating an album packed with
Pinterest-worthy pictures.

How to get there

Getting to Wyoming isn’t as straightforward as Kanye West may
make it appear – the majority of flight routes require three
stopovers. We recommend flying to Munich International Airport,
from where you’ll head to Denver International Airport, before
taking a 90-minute flight to Cody’s Yellowstone Regional Airport,
which is just minutes from downtown Cody.

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