Colmar, France

Colmar, France



Why now?

Prepare to be charmed. This fairytale village, tucked between
the lush Vosges mountains and the Rhine canal makes the perfect
floral escape for whimsical adventurers and hopeless romantics
alike. The heart of Alsatian wine culture, Colmar is home to a
rainbow of pastel timber-framed cottages, their window boxes
overflowing with kaleidoscopic sunflowers, roses, lilies, daffodils
and lavender.

Spend days getting lost down sweeping flagstone streets and
you’re likely to stumble upon a “winstub” (wine
lounge), perfect for sipping a pinot noir in the shade of a nearby
linden tree.

When to go?

Tourist season is at its peak during the summertime, but March
to April provides a more refreshing climate and the greenery is in
Beat the crowds
(and escalating prices) during these
late-spring months.

Who to take with you?

The combination of a utopian floral landscape and excellent
wineries makes Colmar picture-perfect for a spring romance, so
bring along your significant other or a few close friends and
prepare for a week of sipping wine and shopping time.

Most likely to bump into?

Locals tending to their cottage florals or taking a stroll along
the Lauch river.

Don’t miss

Get a glimpse of Colmar’s true colours and a little touch of
along La Petite Venise. Between popping into quaint shops and
cafés, tuck into in local puff pastries and Alsatian tarts. Step
onto one of the many bridges along the canal for the best photo-ops
of historic timbered homes and landmarks constructed between the
14th and 18th centuries. A glass of wine from a winstub goes
without saying.

Essentials to bring with you

Colmar is almost entirely cobbled, so leave behind the heels and
opt for a more comfortable pair of flats.

How to get there

Hop on a train in
and enjoy a short ride to Colmar – keep your camera at
hand for gorgeous shots of the
Swiss countryside

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