Piran, Slovenia

Piran, Slovenia



Why now?

Slovenia has been riding a popularity wave for a couple of years
now, but this small town on the southeastern coast has only
recently broken the surf. The historical centre is all peaches and
cream, with immaculate apricot and vanilla-coloured townhouses
stacked around the stunning main square, Tartinijev. Although it
bears many similarities to its Adriatic neighbours, Venice
and Dubrovnik ,
this sienna-roofed town retains a calm, introverted charm.

Legend has it that a rich Venetian merchant fell in love with a
beautiful local girl in Piran in the 15th century. He built her a
house in the square prompting salacious whisperings among the
villagers, leading him to inscribe the Latin phrase “lassa pur dir”
(let them talk) between two elegant windows at the top of the
crimson house. He may well have made his point to the locals that
they were to be ignored, but the travel circuit today can’t seem to
stop gushing about this seaside escape.

Don’t miss

The Piran salt pans were first established in 804, and salt
production remains a prevalent industry in the area. Visit Sečovlje
for a tour, where you’ll also find the Museum of Salt-Making. If
pampering is more your thing, the Lepa Vida Thalasso Spa uses
healing products from the Sečovlje Nature Park – most notably
salt-pan mud and brine – leaving you feeling like you’ve spent a
day at the beach.

When to go?

The Slovenian climate can be mercurial, but the weather tends to
be much better in the summer months.

Who to take with you?

Someone who appreciates architecture and life’s simple joys.

Most likely to bump into

Fishermen working their nets down by the dock and sunbathing

Essentials to bring with you

A bikini
and an appetite for seafood.

How to get there

The Italian airport of Trieste is much closer to the Slovenian
coast than the country’s capital,
. Flights to Trieste airport can be direct from London
airports for a price, but if you’re flying from an alternative UK
airport, expect a couple of stop-offs.

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