Tinos, Greece

Tinos, Greece

Escape the crowds of Corfu and sun-seekers of Santorini in Tinos, the unspoiled island that the Greeks don’t want you to know about.


Tinos, Greece.

Why now?

While many flock to the renowned isles of
, Santorini or Corfu for a Grecian summer break, Tinos
remains the country’s best-kept secret. It’s the island where real
Greeks go to escape the influx of sun-seeking holidaymakers. This
unspoiled sanctuary is abundant with vineyards, a thriving arts
scene and whitewashed Cycladic villages that put Santorini’s
postcard-perfect setting to shame.

Spend days hiking through ancient trails that weave between
sleepy villages dotted across the island. Dazzling marble buildings
line cobbled streets – chiseled fountains, sculptures and doorways
gleam a brilliant white in the summer sunshine. Famed for its
ceramics, Tinos has a bounty of boutique shops filled with
artisanal crockery and handmade ornaments.

Don’t miss…

Tinos’ culinary scene offers Greek cuisine at its most
authentic. Tinian menus include squid straight from the Aegean,
artichokes and capers from local farms, and Greek wine from organic
vineyards. Don’t forget to taste Tinos’ honey – the island’s dry,
windy climate provides excellent beekeeping and honey-making

Who to take with you

Someone looking for a truly remote escape.

When to go

Tinos is rarely very busy, so you can visit in July
and expect an idyllic
summer break.

Where to stay

Perched on a thyme-scented hillside, Diles & Rinies lies hidden
behind tall stone walls. Book into a villa for a remote hideaway
complete with private gardens, secluded pools and views of the

Most likely to bump into…

Unlike in neighbouring Mykonos, on Tinos you’re more likely to
bump into religious pilgrims than hedonistic party-goers. Every
summer pilgrims flock to the island to embark on an 800m crawl
(yes, on hands and knees) from the island’s port to the Church of
Panagia Evangelistria to touch and pray before an icon of the
Virgin Mary said to have healing powers.

Essentials to bring with you

A pair of
Ancient Greek Sandals
(what else?). These Apteros cutout leather slides
are perfect for strolling through Tinos’ Cycladic streets.

How to get there

Fly to
, where ferries from the port of Rafina will take you to
Tinos in around 3 hours.

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