Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain


Valencia, Spain

Why now?

This Mediterranean darling couldn’t be further from the likes of
Marbella and Magaluf, but offers easy beach access and a vibrant
nightlife to boot. One for architecture buffs, spend days wandering
from the 15th-century National Museum of Ceramics to the futuristic
Hemisphere theatre with no real plan. Valencia is the birthplace of
paella, but when you’ve had your fill, check out the central
market. The 1920s building is a modernist dream and is our
favourite food-centric stop on a whirlwind tour of the city.

Don’t miss

The City of Arts and Sciences is a set of ultra-modern buildings
on the water that create a unique contrast to the history
permeating a large majority of the villas and cathedrals spread
throughout the rest of the city. The Arts and Sciences complex
houses a mix of exhibit spaces, concert hall and an oceanarium. Our
favourite part has to be the wide expanses of gardens that fan out
around the glassy buildings plunging into aquamarine pools.

Who to take with you

Your best friend who won’t be able to resist scoping out the
oldest paella spots in this 2100-year-old city.

When to go

Late February to early May for warm temperatures, fewer
people and the paella festival in March.

Most likely to bump into

Spain enthusiasts looking for a change of pace from their annual
trip to Barcelona.

Essentials to bring with you

A Polaroid to capture Vicky Cristina Barcelona-style shots.

How to get there

Hop on a cheap flight direct into Valencia airport.

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