Inside New York: Drinking in NYC with DJ Kitty Cash

Inside New York: Drinking in NYC with DJ Kitty Cash

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are few people more equipped than DJ Kitty Cash to make
sure you have a good night out in NYC. PR manager for G-Star Raw
North America by day and “DJing every other second of the day”,
Cash has the infectious energy and admirable confidence of her
hometown, New York City. “I don’t necessarily need a turn-up place
to come out with friends. I am the turn-up.”

Cash first started DJing when her friend Kilo Kish, the singer,
needed someone to open up her tour. Since then she’s played the
perfect balancing act between fashion DJ and a serious music
talent. She’s played parties for Opening Ceremony and Rag &
Bone and opened for heavyweights like The Dream and Hudson Mohawke.
The clincher? She dropped Three 6 Mafia at Solange’s Saint Heron
party and Beyoncé was dancing to her set.

Always spinning classic hip-hop, R&B and rap, her go-to
crowd warmer is Luther Vandross’ Never too Late and go-to dance
move is the body roll. You won’t find her standing behind the decks
at any party. “I’m always dancing, getting low, hands on my knees –
actually getting down. It makes everyone comfortable and breaks the

Born and raised in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, by a Trinidadian
father and a half Puerto Rican mother, on a night out Cash
naturally gravitates towards the Caribbean scene. She throws a
monthly party called Ting & Ting at Williamsburg’s Kinfolk 90
venue and usually ends the night at tiny Afro-Caribbean spot called
Bembe. “I like to find places that aren’t too well known that are
super cosy and intimate.”

For our interview we met with her sister and model, Moon, at Ode
to Babel, a new lifestyle bar in Brooklyn. It’s been her secret
spot that she’s been coming back to ever since her friend played a
reggae soca set at this hidden gem in Flatbush (and since she
figured out they make sorrel cocktails). “It reminds me of my
grandmother’s living room and that is because my grandmother is one
of the flyest people ever. You feel like you’re at a girlfriend’s
house and you can just drink all the time and no one will judge

Here Cash gives us some of her favourite venues and drinking
spots in NYC:

Kitty Cash’s NYC Drinking Spots

Ode to

I naturally gravitate towards Caribbean culture so Ode to Babel
is a new secret spot I have been telling all my friends about. I
came here one night when a friend of mine was DJing a reggae and
soca set. They had a sorrel cocktail and I nearly lost my mind
because I can drink sorrel all day and night. It’s a lifestyle bar
with a little shopping element.

Kinfolk 94

A fun spot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Wythe avenue where I DJ
a lot. We actually throw a monthly Caribbean party here called Ting
& Ting. It’s a small space but has a great dancefloor and a
really laid back, cool vibe.


If you have not been, you need to go. This is an Afro-Caribbean
club and the punches are off the chart. The space is super small
and you can jump on the couches and just dance. I love it because
you have someone who is 22 and someone who is 65 and ready to
dance. I’m like “Hey Grandpa, let’s go!”


This is one of my favourite venues in New York because when
people go to Terminal 5 they are going to enjoy real music and real
artists. Both small and big artists play here.


A cool music venue in Williamsburg that I go to a lot with
friends. I played a few shows there and I always have a good time
here. They have a wide range of live acts and DJ sets.

Guest House

I love secret spots which are really low key. Elvis’ guesthouse
is below a little Japanese restaurant in the West Village. It is
one of those music venues that you can play at and just have 20 of
your friends there and have a great night. It’s a packed room and
everyone is having the time of their life.