Eight Killing Eve Locations To Visit IRL

Eight Killing Eve Locations To Visit IRL

Zigzagging across Europe, from Tuscan gelateria to a lakehouse in Bucharest, Killing Eve has taken stars Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer on a cross-country love-hate affair.

frustrated MI5 operative and unstoppable international
assassin covered some serious ground in season one, clad in Doc
Martens and Valentino. In readiness for series two’s whirlwind
tour, we’re retracing this unlikely duos steps and packing to kill
– sartorially speaking.

1. Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest

The lobby of this opulent concert hall was transformed into Cafe
Radozhny, a restaurant in Moscow, for season one’s final showdown.
Eve, Konstantin, Villanelle and Konstantin’s daughter Irina meet in
the lobby, but visitors are usually only allowed inside the main
auditorium during performances.

2. Hornsey Town Hall, Crouch End, London, UK

A Moscow stand-in, Hornsey Town Hall is fashioned as the shabby
Hotel Atlasov. It’s at this hotel that Eve and her boss Carolyn
(Fiona Shaw) close in on Villanelle. A destination in most location
scouts back pockets, Hornsey Town Hall has also appeared in
Bohemian Rhapsody, The Hour and The Crown.

3. Cafe Garibaldi, Tuscany, Italy

Treating herself to an ice cream after a kill in Vienna, Villanelle heads to Cafe Garibaldi. In
our first interaction with Comer, the assassin is seen at an
ice-cream parlour (which is actually located in Colle di Val
d’Elsa, Tuscany) pulling faces at a little girl on
another table. As she exits she deliberately knocks the child’s
sundae over.

4. Weberwiese Station, Berlin, Germany

Serving as the backdrop to Bill and Villanelle’s first meeting,
the yellow-tiled Weberwiese Station transpires to be a far less
mellow environment than its colour scheme might suggest. While the
club scene in Berlin (where Bill meets his end) was actually filmed
in London, this station is just minutes from Berlin’s famed techno
club, Berghain.

5. Chiltern Hills, UK

Frank’s safe house is located in the idyllic English
countryside, in Bletcham to be precise. Filmed between Turville and
the Chiltern Hills – both of which are 90 minutes north-west of
central London – scenes from episode four, season one, might
inspire a roadtrip to this designated Area of Outstanding Natural
Beauty. Just don’t engage in a car chase à la Frank.

6. Warwick House Street, London

Carolyn Martens’s off-the-books MI6 headquarters is a short walk
from Trafalgar Square. Head down Warwick House Street and retrace
the steps of Eve, Kenny, Bill and Elena. The entrance is the second
door on your right – the circular window above the door is its

7. Place Vendôme, Paris, France

In a scene of cinematographic perfection, Villanelle meets
Konstantin at the Place Vendôme in Paris’s 1st arrondissement, clad
in Molly Goddard frou-frou splendor. After being mentally assessed
on her ability to murder people, her pastel-coloured gown is a
fittingly paradoxical choice.

8. Lake Snagov, Bucharest

An isolated white villa on the edge of Lake Snagov, just north
of Bucharest, serves as Konstantin’s home. Fans of the show will be
happy to learn that the five-bedroom lakehouse (complete with a
boathouse and dock) is bookable for weekend or week-long stays. If
you do visit, nearby Snagov Monastery is well worth a visit.
Holding Vlad the Impaler’s remains, it’s right up Villanelle’s

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