A Fresh Perspective: Bali, Indonesia

A Fresh Perspective: Bali, Indonesia

retreat to
at least once a year for several months, usually during
the rainy season, when tourists are few. At this time of year, the
light and colours take on vivid and brilliant shades, reinvigorated
by the climate. The earth seems to reverberate with energy.

A culture of hospitality has always distinguished the Balinese
people. They offer help and smiles freely; everyone is a friend and
everything is shared.

Far from the “hippie” stereotype often associated with the
country, Bali is a diverse and heterogeneous island. Towards the
sparkling coast, surfers dot the shoreline before congregating in
the beach bars come dusk. Inland, Ubud is the place of reflection
and regeneration, where people are guided by nature’s rhythms and
activities oriented to wellbeing. It’s this town that has charmed
me. Its people, its spirit, its architecture that lives in harmony
with the surrounding rice fields – everything about it satisfies my

Bali’s dual soul is echoed in its gastronomic panorama, too. I
taste dishes that stand up to high international standards and
street food that pushes culinary boundaries.

Each time I return, Bali instills in me a sense of starting
over. As spend time in awe at my surrounds, the island reignites my
curiosity and encourages me to take a fresh look at the world.

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