Georgia May Jagger’s Insider Guide to London

Georgia May Jagger’s Insider Guide to London

up if you got your first outfit at Topshop? If so, you’ve
got at least one thing in common with model and designer Georgia
May Jagger, who counts a blue sequin top as her first purchase.
Although “unflattering” is the first word that pops into her head
when she remembers the glittery garment, returning to Topshop for
the launch of her Volcom x Georgia May Jagger collection feels
like coming home for the 25-year-old.

Meeting SUITCASE in red chinos and a vintage-style baseball
shirt paired with towering black heels, the rockstar’s daughter’s
outfit immediately reveals the idea behind the designs: they’re
wearable at any time of day. Inspired by old-school sportswear and
her own comfort-led style, the practical day-to-night pieces –
which include sheer black jackets, cord mini skirts, star-print
rompers and army-style shirt jackets, as well as silk tracksuits,
silver slip dresses and a baby blue fur coat as part of a premium
line – add a feminine twist to the brand’s signature Cali skater
and surfer styles.

Having previously collaborated with fashion houses, Georgia
describes her partnership with Volcom as one she feels most
comfortable with – unsurprising given that it’s the kind of
clothing you’ll spot her in, whether she’s
on the road
, dashing to meetings or going out. We asked her to
spill some of secrets about the city she was born and raised in,
from where to find the best vintage dresses to the place to go for
a “face workout”.

What does London mean to you?

I love it. I’ve moved away and lived in New York and
for a bit, but I always come back to London – it’s so
beautiful and green.

How has the city been a source of inspiration for your

People really experiment with their style here – they buy stuff
from Topshop and charity shops, mix it all together and make their
own unique look. Kelly [the lead designer] and I are really into
sporty streetwear but also love glamour. Volcom before was surfer
girl and a bit boho, but seemed to cater more for boys than girls.
But I wear so many boys’ clothes that I decided I wanted to make
the girls’ clothing successful for everyone.

Where do you live in London and what are some of your favourite
local spots?

I live in North London; I love Ottolenghi in

and Annie’s vintage shop on Camden Passage – she’s
got really good taste and different items every time I go in. I
didn’t know about some of the shops there until recently because
it’s quite hidden, but the passage has been there for ages and
feels like old London.

Where else do you shop?

I also really like Rellik on Golborne Road in Notting Hill and Liberty.

Tell us a childhood memory of London.

I always remember going on school trips to museums; I’m obsessed
with the Science Museum, the V&A and the Natural History
Museum. I went to a party there recently, it was so weird to see it
in the evening!

What are your favourite things to do?

I love walking by the canals near me. My boyfriend took me to an
installation at Caledonian Road the other day, which was a little
round bit of grass full of shards of mirrors. I like finding little
things like that. That day there was a Paralympic woman giving
motivational speeches, which was pretty amazing.

Where I grew up in Richmond you can go on walks by the river for
ages, or rent a canoe. A friend of mine just bought a long boat and
I really want to go across London in it, from my house to my mum’s.
They’re quite slow, but I feel like it’d be a nice day out if it’s
not horrible weather. Also, I recently went to Ministry of Sound
for the first time – their disco night was actually really fun! I
don’t usually go to clubs; I prefer a pub to casually hang out with

Do you have a favourite pub?

I like The
in Notting Hill and The Albion which is near me and has a lovely
garden and great food. I like it when they’re just cosy. For
something fancier, I go to Roka for Japanese.

Where is perfect for a date?

I like Fiona’s on Kensington Church Street for a romantic date.
It’s all candlelit, the wallpaper is sheets of music and they serve
traditional English food, which she cooks nearly all herself.

And for breakfast?

I’m not that into breakfast, but there’s a place by me called
Sunday that does amazing brunch. My favourite dish is
courgette fritters with halloumi and poached egg.

Where do you go to switch off?

To the spa or my mum’s house, where I sit by the fire with my

The best place to treat yourself?

I’m quite into the FaceGym at Selfridges. If you’re having your nails
done, I’d recommend WAH nails in East London – it’s part of Bleach, which
I part own.

What do you miss about London when you’re away?

My family and friends – London just feels like home. When I was
living in New York, everything felt so tiny when I came back; we’re
all like Polly Pocket people.

Where’s on your travel hit list?

I’d like to go to
. I went to Cambodia
and Vietnam earlier this year, but I didn’t have time to visit
there. I just came back from Japan which was incredible, especially

and the hot springs in the surrounding mountains. Hakone
is another place I loved; the rural places are so beautiful and

And finally, what’s in your SUITCASE?

I always pack one black and one blue pair of jeans, plus light
dresses that I can wear day to night, and I always have my camera
with me. I usually pack quite a lot of shoes; I like to have a lot
of options and plenty of accessories and then I just plan an outfit
around that.

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