Quiet Corners: The Greek Islands

Quiet Corners: The Greek Islands

Greek islands in April were an escape from the mainland
without the crowds – a paradise of crystalline waters and quiet
corners that felt like our own.

Mykonos was our first stop, where we found whitewashed buildings
complemented by pops of greenery underneath an eternally blue sky.
In a maze of winding streets we passed sunbathing puppies,
traditional bakeries and tiny flower gardens tucked behind
wrought-iron fences. But our every turn seemed to lead to the
water’s edge, where rows of windmills spun gently in the sea

As our ferry pulled into the port at Santorini, a single road
materialised into view. Following its course we arrived at a
village, where azure-capped villas clung to the hilltop, as though
afraid of tumbling into the sea.

Finally we ventured to Crete, finding our home in the ancient
town of Rethymno, where the air became thick each night with the
scent of grilled meat. One evening we sat down to a late dinner,
and were serenaded by a string band performing traditional songs.
Our neighbouring diners knew every last word.

This photo diary appears in SUITCASE Vol. 15:
The Good Life

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