Five (Genuine) Ways to Help the Afghanistan Crisis with ISHKAR

Five (Genuine) Ways to Help the Afghanistan Crisis with ISHKAR

Afghanistan is in a state of emergency. Here’s what you can do to help.

the Taliban now in almost complete control of Afghanistan,
the country is experiencing a humanitarian crisis. In the face of
such widespread tragedy, it can feel challenging to know who to
believe, through which organisation to donate and how to help.

In an effort to drill down the most actionable ways in which we
can offer support, we spoke with ISHKAR,
a retail and travel brand that works closely with Afghan artisans
to bring their craftsmanship and stories to the world. Here are the
brand’s top tips for making a genuine difference to those affected
by the crisis.

Header image credit: Jim Huylebroek

Buy a print from ISHKAR’s emergency fundraiser

ISHKAR has teamed up with photojournalists from around the world
to raise funds for EMERGENCY, an Afghan-run NGO
providing non-partisan healthcare and emergency treatment in
Afghanistan. By buying a print from the platform, you’ll be
donating to EMERGENCY and helping the organisation to treat victims
of the escalating conflict.

Buy a print here,
or donate directly to EMERGENCY here.

Image credit: Rena Effendi

Buy crafts from one of ISHKAR’s artisans

Although it has currently removed all online references to its
artisans in order to protect their identities, ISHKAR is continuing
to sell products that it holds in stock. The platform has
Afghanistan’s interests at heart and its core aim is to continue
working with the same makers, so if it can continue to do so
without putting them in danger, it will. By buying a product
crafted in Afghanistan, you’ll not only be supporting local
artisans on the ground, but also investing in projects abroad that
will help Afghan refugees. Plus, you’ll be contributing to the
preservation and promotion of the country’s traditional
craftsmanship, which is currently in great danger of being lost

Buy objects here.

Image credit: Matthieu Paley

Support other Afghan brands

Buy directly from Afghan-led brands that support traditional
craftsmanship, such as Sevar
, a jewellery brand funding training programmes for
young women in Afghanistan, and Laman, an
Afghan clothing label working closely with local artisans.

Explore Sevar Studios
here, and Laman

Image credit: Solmaz Daryani

Write to your local MP

Around 10,000 Afghan refugees are forecast to be resettled in
the UK this year (although this number is likely to significantly
increase in reality). By asking your local MP what their plans are
for the Afghan citizens’ resettlement, you’ll be putting necessary
pressure on your local authority to take quick action. If their
plans have already been announced, explore how you can help in your
community via your local council’s website.

Find your local MP here, and your local
council here.

Image credit: Emily Garthwaite

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