Incredible India

You won't be prepared for what you are about to experience. India bristles visitors with its mind-stirring mixture of landscapes, cultures and people. It is fast and loud, dirty and chaotic, wet and hot. It is calm and stimulating, diverse, colourful, and imposing.

You will find yourself surrounded by hundreds and thousands of people. You will meet spiritual gurus, eager salesmen, begging children, proud locals and confused fellow tourists. You will travel by taxi, rickshaw, motorcycle, donkey or camel through the chaos of traffic that never sleeps. You may feel overwhelmed by the ever-apparent poverty, the dirt-infested roads and the immense heat before the monsoon appears and makes history of it all in a flush of pouring rain.

India presents itself in the brightest, most colourful and inspiring ways. Just as you feel torn apart, your patience at an end, the country will welcome you back with its charm and mystery.

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Chennai, India