Inside New York: Lauren Singer’s Zero-Waste Lifestyle in NYC

Inside New York: Lauren Singer’s Zero-Waste Lifestyle in NYC

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in New York, Lauren Singer is a leader of the zero waste
movement, producing only a 16oz mason jar’s-worth of rubbish over a
period of three years. She is one of the leading eco-warriors of
our generation, although you wouldn’t necessarily guess that from
first impressions. Gentle-mannered and encouraging, she doesn’t
thrust her theories down your throat, instead she lives them and
invites you to follow suit with her blog Trash is for

In order to produce zero waste Lauren went plastic-free and in a
city like New York that’s no small feat. This meant she couldn’t
buy a lot of the products that she needed for every day life. As a
result Lauren learned how to make her own soap, moisturiser,
cleaning products and toothpaste. A demand from her readers for
these homemade vegan products lead to the creation of her own
organic, vegan cleaning company, The Simply Co.

Part of what makes Lauren so great is that she hasn’t changed
with her success: “My lifestyle is still the same, I have the same
interests and I have relationships and I have friends. The only
thing that has changed my life is that I am producing less trash to
become more of a minimalist. I spend less money but I eat healthier
– there are a ton of benefits from this lifestyle.”

We were curious how she manages a zero waste lifestyle in a city
like New York, and couldn’t ask enough questions about how she
sticks to it. One of her favourite things to do when she travels
(or at home) is to visit second-hand shops, because she believes
you get a taste of the city through clothing. She took us to her
favourite shop, Beacon’s Closet, to set the scene for her New York
Insider story and shared with us some other low carbon footprint
activities to do in NYC.

Sustainable activities in NYC

Mccarren Park Green Market – I go every
Saturday to buy all of my produce here. The vegetables are fresh
and everything is seasonal and sourced locally.

Brooklyn Grange – a community garden that offers cool
workshops. You can learn how to make toothpaste or a candle or
scents. It’s a great place to meet people. You might even catch me
teaching there.

Time Around
– awesome second-hand shopping.

Intergral Yoga Natural Foods – shop here for tonnes of
natural, package free foods as well as lots of other really cool