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Steer a course for new horizons with SUITCASE Vol. 36: Discovery – here to pull you out of your comfort zone, whether you choose to explore bladesmithing in Bristol or parkour in Paris.

Is there anything more human than the urge to explore? Whether we're boarding boats, seeking out new art spaces or searching within ourselves on a journey of introspection, it's this desire that cements our uniqueness.

In the latest issue of SUITCASE, we discover what matters by treading pastures new while staying alive to what's closer to home. From the island culture of Vanuatu, where South Pacific traditions are staying strong, to contemporary life in vibrant, outdoorsy Valencia - this year's World Design Capital - Volume 36: Discovery seeks out the unexpected stories in even the most obvious places.

A sunlit building in Valencia, Spain
The Green Room, a beachfront venue in Todo Santos, Mexico

We reveal the stark beauty of Senegal's Sine-Saloum Delta, take you down a newly opened trail that follows an ancient trading route in Bhutan, explore coastal adventures in the UK and invite you to meet three of Africa's greatest new-gen female eco-campaigners, as well as the urban artisans crafting tableware for some of the world's best restaurants. In Paris, meanwhile, we turn our perspective of the City of Light on its head by joining a parkour collective as they leap and cartwheel across its rooftops.

All of which goes to prove that even the most mapped places in the world can still have the power to surprise.

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