Life in the Slow Lane: Spetses, Greece

Life in the Slow Lane: Spetses, Greece

seemingly untouched pine woods, quayside tavernas and
streets dotted with local men playing chess and sipping coffee,
Spetses feels untainted by tourism. Private cars aren’t allowed
here, so people get about by horse-drawn carriage, bicycle and

This alternative street life hypnotised me instantly. After
checking in at the Poseidonion Grand Hotel, I wonder how on earth I
could discover the island on foot in the August heat.

Mere hours later, I’m driving a quad bike – my first ever quad
experience – thinking how grateful I am for not choosing a bicycle
or a donkey to carry my camera equipment up the islands winding
hillside curves.

It takes as little as three hours to drive around the whole
island – and that’s going slowly. To soothe my sun-roasted skin, I
stop for a dip at one of the many picturesque bays, each one more
mesmerising than the last. Under the shade of an ancient eucalyptus
tree, I take a moment to really appreciate the beauty of

Back at the hotel, I soon learn why the Poseidonion has been a
favourite among Athens’ high society and affluent travellers since
it opened in 1914. I’m blown away by Greek hospitality, and enjoy a
tasting menu of quality local produce.

I bathe in the warmth of sunset from the aptly named On the
Verandah restaurant terrace. As I study yachts docking below, my
mind turns to the enveloping bed that waits in my room. Spetses has
stolen my heart.

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