Marktgasse Hotel Zurich

Marktgasse Hotel Zurich

know what you’re thinking, if you’re in Zurich it’s either as
a ski stop-over or for business, but a new hotel renovation may
change how you feel about the Swiss city. After undergoing an
extensive two-year renovation, the Marktgasse Hotel in Zurich’s Old
Town is now a sleek and minimalist 39-room boutique residence that
attracts a mix of stylish Swiss and international travellers.
Located in the centre of the Old Town, Marktgasse is the perfect
base for museum browsing and restaurant hopping. There’s no better
time to be in Zurich than now, as this June they put on the
Manifesta Biennial to celebrate the centenary of the Dadaist art
movement that the city lays claim to.


It’s hard to say what a typical room is like in the Marktgasse,
as each of the 39 rooms in this boutique hotel is completely
unique, but for the most part the design sticks to Scandi
minimalism with pops of colour. We stayed in the ‘cosy’ suite,
which had a beautiful black-tiled bathroom, beautiful windows with
blackout curtains and lush Schramm mattresses. Prices start at
about £147 for a single room and run up to around £338 for a master

What’s for breakfast?

Is served in delish Café from 6:30 to 11AM. The breakfast menu
features classics like eggs Benedict and porridge with cinnamon
sugar. Pull up a stool at the counter and watch the busy square out

How about lunch and dinner?

Baltho Küche is Marktgasse’s buzzing restaurant serving
traditional Swiss dishes as well as international fusion. Be sure
to try the bang bang chicken – a Baltho bestseller – the bizarre
but delicious asparagus vanilla soup and the salty and crunchy
fried hummus sticks. Dinner is also served at Delish café as well
as lunch – think salads, sandwiches and small plates.

Is there a bar?

Baltho Bar, just up the steps from Baltho Küche, is the perfect
place to grab pre or post-dinner drinks. The menu offers a variety
of aromatic and spicy cocktails, as well as a Marktgasse twist on
some classics. Be sure to try the Baltho spritz, a mix of Aperol,
beat and vermouth infusion, and Crémant de Limoux.


The rooms are equipped with flat screen TVs, complimentary wifi
and bathrooms are stocked with Aēsop products. Make sure you spend
some time in the beautifully designed library full of art books
downstairs. Depending on your room, you could end up with a
bathtub, a balcony or a rooftop terrace.

Things you should know

Zurich has more to offer than you think. Take the concierge’s
recommendations and explore.

Within a short walk you can find…

The quirky Cabaret Voltaire where the Dadaist art movement
began: a centre of books, Dadaist art events and a trendy and
somewhat industrial bar/café upstairs with live jazz performances
and a large stock of absinthe. The Kindli Hotel restaurant is just
down the street, and offers a more traditional Swiss menu that is
very loved in Zurich. The Kunsthaus Museum nearby is home to an
immense collection of Dadaist works and Swiss paintings. Only about
ten percent of the collection is on display due to size, so expect
something different every time you make a trip back to Zurich.

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