New Pathways: The Sultanate of Oman

The diverse landscape was the first of many things to take my breath away in Oman. During my time here I sought to capture the essence of the country - its geography, its architecture and its people.

I couldn't help but feel I was travelling in time as I walked its streets. Drowsy from my long journey, I was rewarded with the spectacle of palaces and forts dotted among Arabic architecture, geometric shapes casting thrilling shadows.

My first stop was in Muscat, where I slept with fellow travellers on the beach, behind us the sea contrasting with the dry, rocky mountains. From the capital we drove towards Sur, stopping by two astonishing wadis along the way.

Dune after dune seemed to be alive as we crossed the desert. I felt as if stuck in a painting, each mound taking on the female shape and form in my mind.

It was this vision that inspired me to capture the beauty of the people I'd met in Oman. Each face told a story; the eyes revealed emotions. Though it was difficult to find locals willing to pose before my lens, I felt compelled to capture these portraits.

The motivations behind my trip shifted with my various encounters, as can be seen in the diverse images I shot on my analog camera.

As my journey veered from city to desert, my eyes and heart opened to a new way forward in photography.

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