Outrageous Escapism: Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Outrageous Escapism: Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

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Perito Moreno Glacier, Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina


Renowned for its dramatic ruptures, Perito Moreno Glacier is
ranked among the best attractions in Argentinian Patagonia.
Covering 250sq km and rising as much as 78 metres above Lago
Argentino, its cool-blue formation is the world’s third-largest
reserve of fresh water and moves around two metres per day. Once
every five years (or thereabouts) its tip cuts off the mouth of
Lago Argentino forming a dam that leads to a major rupture. You
might not want to be there for that, but much smaller ruptures
occur every half hour or so – from a viewing platform you can
witness shards of ice plummeting into the crystal waters of Lago
Argentino. It’s pretty surreal.

Most remarkably, the glacier seems to be defying the odds of
global warming – it’s one of only three glaciers
in the world that are growing. If you’re craving an escapade,
challenge yourself with a trekking tour or, depending on the
season, an adventure into an ice cave. If sightseeing is more your
forte, view the phenomenon from a different perspective on a
boat tour.

Where to stay

For the best landscape views of Patagonia, stay at Adventure Domes Glamping, where you’ll have a
short walk to the shore of the Lago Argentino.

What to pack

To remain at a toasty temperature, you’ll want to pack the
Erin Snow Freja fleece ski jacket. We’re sure a
pair of Purdey leather falconry gloves won’t go amiss

Travel tip-off

To observe an icy display, visit in the afternoon when the mini
ruptures are more frequent.

How to get there

Keep in mind that the town of Perito Moreno and the glacier are completely different locations.
Situated in the Santa Cruz Province, the nearest village is El
Calafate. Here you can pick up a variety of tour buses that take
the hour-long journey to the glacier.

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