Snapshots from Rio Carnival

Snapshots from Rio Carnival

becomes a
giant, non-stop street party during Carnival. Brazilian music is
contagious with a beat that won’t let you sit still; people are
elated and optimistic. It’s summer and all everyone wants is to
have fun.

The idea behind this series was to capture that shared feeling
of warmth, which exists beyond the realms of politics, economics
and social status. Carnival is about freedom; a time to put work on
hold and forget your troubles.

You only need two things: glitter and a costume. It’s about the
present and nobody wants it to end – as soon as it does, the
countdown for the next Carnival begins.

The energy in the air is effervescent; something grips he city
and unique atmosphere permeates the streets. It’s busy, chaotic and
often too hot, but it is always, always worth it. Carnival has a
presence that is impossible to deny or ignore.

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