Roku the Cat on Life

Known for his flattering outfits and outrageous poses, we speak to Roku about life, travel and the importance of style.

Roku Roku is a Thai cat with over half a million followers on Instagram. We first learned he was a fan of SUITCASE when his father posted photos of him sitting (one of his favourite things to do) on a copy of Volume 13. He's a busy cat, with a wife (Hachi the cat) to please, a family to raise and a tight schedule to stay on top of. Known for his flattering outfits and outrageous poses, we speak to Roku about life, travel and the importance of style.


Roku Roku (Sixtysix in Japanese)







Roku, you have well over half a million followers on Instagram. Does the fame ever get to you?

Though it's fun to see my phone going mental when I post a photo on Instagram, I never let it get to me. I'm very happy where I am with my parents and kids. There are famous cats everywhere around the world and new ones everyday, if you let the fame get to you it's not going to feel great when it goes away. So, no :)

What's your favourite hobby?

I don't have a hobby. I have a rather tight schedule to have any hobby. I think (with my eyes closed) a lot, but that's not a hobby. I like to sit on dad's keyboard in front of his screen, in fact that's what I'm doing now... that's also not a hobby.

A historical persona that you admire?

Smilodon aka Sabertooth cat. I think I was one in my previous life. But that name though!

Your wife is Hachi the cat, what do you value most about your relationship?

Her strength. Tiny little thing, taking care of four little kids. What a boss.

Do you have a beauty secret?

Rolling around on the carpet tends to loosen my fur a little and give it that little static electricity that makes a very good human magnet.

You live in Bangkok, what's your favourite thing about the city?

It's got to be the culture. I love places with rich culture, friendly people and lots of smiles. Oh, and fooooooood!

Is there a Thai dish that you go crazy for?

Not sure, every dish seems to be great when I see them on the table and by looking at my parent's expressions on their faces. I only get to eat BBQ fish once in a while and even that is amazing.

One of the things you're known for is napping exceedingly well. What's your ideal sleeping position?

Sleeping questions are the best! Mine is facing up... humans say I sleep like a human, but really it's the other way around.

Where is your least convenient but favourite place to sit/sleep?

Well, it's got to be dad's keyboard. It's nice and warm but it tends to make a lot of beeping sounds. Buh!

Your parents travel the globe, sometimes returning with interesting sartorial choices for you. What do you think of a global approach to style?

Style should last. Style should not be in and out of seasons. Having style is easy, but keeping it seems to be really hard for a lot of people. Keep it simple yet detailed is my way to go.

What does a suitcase mean to you?

I sleep in them all day. I've been through all my parents suitcases and even their weekender.

What's an item you cannot travel without?

Seriously? Cat nip!

If you were on a plane what's the most likely thing you would do?

Sit in my fav position, human style and watch the clouds and the scenery below. NEVER sleep on the plane, unless it's a night flight.

A natural talent you'd like to be gifted?

The ability to ride with my dad on his Vespa. That will be the best day of my life!

Why do you think humans are so obsessed with cats?

Cat is just something they call us. But really we are magic healers, we are doctors in disguise. Helping mind, body and soul.

What's next on the horizon for you?

I've worked on couple of charity projects for homeless animals in the past years and I'll still be doing the same in the future. To stay truly happy, is to make everyone around us happy.

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