Rollin’ Wheels: Our Favourite RV Campgrounds in the US

Rollin’ Wheels: Our Favourite RV Campgrounds in the US

Road trips belong to the US, so that’s where we went to bring you the seven coolest RV campgrounds to park up at. From red-rock canyons to dramatic dunes and fast-flowing rivers, these are the places worth making a detour for.

over glamping; it’s the glampervan’s time to shine. For
those of you who aren’t yet familiar with the next big travel
trend, let us introduce you to the ultimate road trip get-up – the RV. Make no mistake: the
thought of racing down the highway in some sort of retro campervan
initially sent us into a cringe-induced sweat, but recreational
vehicles have well and truly left the days of burnt-orange paint
and hippie stickers in the dust. Instead, they’ve transformed into
fully equipped home-from-homes, decked out with spacious bedrooms,
state-of-the-art kitchens and bathrooms stylish enough to rival
those of a five-star hotel.

If, like us, you’ve been branded as the overpacker of the group,
perhaps it’s time to buckle up and consider taking a good
old-fashioned road trip – where no cramming will be required. Sound
like a plan? Then join us on the ultimate state-hopping adventure
across the US. From rippling rivers to dramatic dunes and
red-rocked canyons, these are the seven coolest campgrounds at
which to switch off your engine and be at one with nature.

On the road: seven of the best RV campgrounds to park up at in
the US

Sedona, Arizona

Rancho Sedona RV Park


With its lush valleys, tangled jungles and vast open spaces,
Arizona is undeniably one of America’s most
dazzling states. Comprising some 295,254sq km – making it at least
double the size of the UK – this destination offers endless
picture-perfect pockets to dive into. We’re charting a course for
the city of Sedona, in part for its crimson rock formations, but
also so that we can park up at the Rancho Sedona RV Park. In a
shaded space backed by centuries-old sycamore and cottonwood trees,
adventurers are encouraged to bike and hike the many surrounding
chalk downland trails. If you prefer a slower pace, take a morning
paddle in the creek, before booking onto one of the Verde Valley
hot-air-balloon tours.


135 Bear Wallow Ln, Sedona, AZ 86336

Boulder Beach Campground, Nevada

Boulder Beach Campground


Forget the campground clichés and let the water-facing Boulder
Beach Campground do the talking. Just a 35-minute drive west of
Las Vegas, this 148-pitch site feels more like an
experimental wellness destination than a glorified car park.
Cradled by the Boulder Basin of Lake Mead, the sandy and secluded
stretch offers ideal wave-free fishing and swimming conditions.
Each paved pitch comes complete with its own pit, grill and table –
plus, 24-hour shower and laundry facilities. Fill your days with a
stomp around the famous River Mountains Loop Trail, before settling
down for the ultimate marshmallow-toasting extravaganza.


268 Lakeshore Rd, Boulder City, NV 89005

North Pines Campground, Yosemite Valley

North Pines Campground

Yosemite Valley

Ranked as the fifth-most-visited national park in the US,
Yosemite draws crowds for its cascading
waterfalls, ancient giant sequoias and staggering views from the
park’s most sought-out summit, El Capitan. Drink up all its visual
splendour at the North Pines Campground. Located at an elevation of
1,200m, the set-up promises a tranquil stay. More than just a place
at which to bed down, visitors can raft the wild waters of the
Merced River, join a ranger-led tour or learn a new craft at one of
the in-house workshops hosted by the Yosemite Valley team.


9024 Southside Dr, Yosemite Valley, CA 95389

Aspen Ridge RV Park, Colorado

Aspen Ridge RV Park


Most travellers look to visit Aspen in the colder months, when
the landscape is submerged under blankets of snow, but this 10-site
campground flips the script. With dense forest pines and colourful
meadows cradling 14 pristine lakes, there’s no better time to visit
than in the warm haze of summer. A woodland oasis, the site is a
gateway to Colorado’s legendary Sand Dunes Swimming pool, in
Hooper, and the Colorado Gator Farm. Snap up a spot before they’re
all gone.


700 Colorado, CO-149, South Fork, CO 81154

North Campground, Utah

North Campground


We love finding some of Earth’s most magical spectacles. Case in
point? Utah’s remarkable Bryce Canyon. The result of millions of
years of water and wind erosion, the landmark comprises a cluster
of gravity-defying limestone pillars that pierce the ocean-blue
sky. And what better way to discover its dramatic beauty than
rolling up for the night at North Campground? Bring a hammock and
lounge between towering pines, rise with the birds to catch the
breathtaking sunrise or crawl between the scorched crevices of the
canyon’s corridors. Don’t miss dragging your duvet outside and
stargazing for at least one night.


Bryce Canyon City, UT 84764

Many Glacier National Park, Montana

Many Glacier Campground


You know the sort of place that genuinely takes your breath
away? Well, Montana’s Glacier National Park is a prime example.
With its turquoise lakes, frothing waterfalls and dense forest
surrounds, this place offers a true back-to-nature escape – along
with the possibility of spotting the odd grizzly bear. As much as
we love getting up close with nature, we think you’d better stay
firmly in your RV for this one. Join other outdoor enthusiasts in
horse riding, hiking and fishing, then kick back over a barbecue at
the end of the day.


Continental Divide Trail, Browning, MT 59417

Wellesley Island State Park, New York

Wellesley Island State Park

New York

Practically touching the town of New Orleans, Wellesley Island
State Park is New York’s second-largest camping complex. Join city
folks escaping the Big Apple in pitching up at the 10.67sq km
property. Water babies will feel right at home here, thanks to an
extensive offering of aquatic adventures. Take the ferry to the
iconic Rock Island Lighthouse, paddle across the waters to Boldt
Castle or hop on a kayak. Insider tip: make a beeline for the Cross
Island Farms, where you can pick your own fruit and vegetables.


44927 Cross Island Rd, Fineview, NY 13640

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