Seeking Sanctuary in Santorini

Seeking Sanctuary in Santorini

impossible to envisage
without thinking about
domes. Those wonderful demi-orbs protruding from an island
which calls out for days that blur by in a haze of good food and
sultry sunsets. That is the
Greek islands
, after all.

is much more than what is snapped by countless
tourists. Little-known enclaves like Red Beach; tiny lanes you’ll
stumble across en route to Oia; overfilled gyros eaten street-side
in Perissa; unexpected glimpses of the sea.

Those blue domes are the small end of the wedge. Between their
intense colour, the brightness of whitewashed walls and shady
cobbled streets, you’ll be transported to some other place. You’ll
forget the tourists – or no longer notice them, at least – and
adopt the island as your own sanctuary; a bubble that you want to
nurture as if your own home.

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