Into the Wild: Steve McCurry’s Animal Kingdom

Into the Wild: Steve McCurry’s Animal Kingdom

Photographer Steve McCurry is best known for his thought-provoking images captured in times of conflict and areas of unrest. Yet in this latest album, his lens rests its focus on animals, exploring the relationship between humans and the (often) four-legged creatures who share our planet.

on a visual journey across Asia, Europe and the
Americas, viewers are confronted with the diverse attitudes towards
animals that play out across countries and cultures. Through
McCurry’s shots, we witness Beverly Hills’ pampered pooches,
sheepherding in the former German Democratic Republic, cats praying
alongside Buddhist monks and Kuwait’s camels on a desperate hunt
for food in the aftermath of the Gulf War. A dog is led through the
rubble of Kabul; racehorses gather on a Hong Kong rooftop; a young woman from the Kara
tribe poses with her rooster in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley.

In a world where climate change and human activity – overfishing, urban expansion,
pesticide overuse, pollution – are threatening many animals’
natural habitats and accelerating mass extinction, this album
serves as a timely tribute to these beautiful creatures and a
poignant reminder that we must fight to protect them.


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