SUITCASE + Viber: Introducing Inside New York

SUITCASE + Viber: Introducing Inside New York

you ever wondered what it’s like to be part of the SUITCASE
Magazine team? We’re constantly uncovering new destinations,
meeting new faces from across the globe and suffering from jet-lag.
Where do we travel? Why do we go there? And how do we source the
best information for you, our readers?

Through Viber public chats we’ve been able to give our readers
real insight into how we work and travel. It’s essentially a group
chat between the members of SUITCASE which you can follow and view
– think of it like our own version of a reality TV show with
conversations, photos and videos so you’re with us every step of
the way. We now have over 65,000 followers, making Viber our
biggest social media platform yet. And we don’t plan to stop

Our first project with Viber is tied up with our three shiny new
city guides to Paris, London and New York. Our recommendations for
what to do and where to stay, eat, shop, drink and dance have been
curated with the help of some of the most in-the-know people in

This video series brings our New York city guide to life by
filming five New Yorkers in their favourite corners of the city.
There’s Lyon Porter, hotelier and owner of the Urban Cowboy BnB in
South Williamsburg, Brooklyn; Alissa and Sabrina from cult dining
spot Dimes; Lauren Singer of Trash is for Tossers showing us
eco-friendly activities in the city; Kai Avent-deLeon, owner of the
chicest boutique in Bed-Stuy and Kitty Cash at her favourite bar in
Brooklyn, Ode to Babel. We’ll be releasing the videos here and
interviewing them for more tips and stories on our Viber Public
Chat every week so stay tuned.

SUITCASE Magazine on Viber Public Chats here

First, meet our founder and CEO Serena Guen. She’s the reason
we’re all here after all….