Striped Umbrellas, Seaside Portraits and a Socially Distanced Summer in Sicily, Italy

After months of lockdown, one photographer captures a sense of carefree calm on Sicily’s shores where she discovers a slow-placed way of live backed by rows of striped umbrellas.

Name: Mireia Farran

Hometown: Barcelona, Spain

Instagram: @mireia_farran


Shoot location: Sicily, Italy

Camera: Flash Fujica, Analog

Describe your photography style in three words:

Summery. Fresh. Intimate.

What's the story behind the photographs?

For me, the Mediterranean sea means summer and summer means calm, serenity and peace. After so many months of lockdown, it was like reconnecting with paradise and it gave us some respite from the pandemic. I love shooting carefree, everyday Mediterranean life.

Where would you most like to shoot and why?

Can I say everywhere? I would really love to travel to South America. It's completely unknown to me. I want to get lost in all the different, vibrant cultures - especially in Mexico and Brazil.

Where are you travelling to next?

To Mexico, hopefully. At least, that was the pre-pandemic plan.

What photography kit is in your suitcase?

To travel, I love to keep it simple. I always use analog; sometimes 35mm cameras because they are light and very practical, but I really love medium format, so I try to take both with me. And, of course, plenty of Kodak Portra film.

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