Summer's Not Over: Snapshots from the Mediterranean

These photos are a collection of intimate portraits and landscapes shot along the Mediterranean coast during the summer. It's a very personal series, and forms part of our first photo book. They should take your mind to places - like Sicily, Hydra and Formentera - that you can feel and smell just by looking at them.

And although the world is changing fast, life under the sun is still about simple pleasures. In the Mediterranean it's easy to disconnect from your daily routine. The slower pace of life seems to have an effect on the mind: the most normal things - such as having a conversation with a stranger, smoking a cigarette or drinking an ice-cold white wine - feel much more charged.

Europe has such a varied coastline, and the places we visited were a mix of resorts with a cultural relevance and legendary islands with history. But we also ventured to places which were completely off the beaten track, like Filicudi, one of the lesser-known Aeolian Islands. We spent a week there, and even some of our Italian friends were totally clueless when we asked if they knew of this place.

Meanwhile Hydra in Greece has a long history as an artist's escape - it's just over one hour from Athens and has a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere. We decided that this would be the perfect place to have our official book launch and open-air exhibition (coming in September) - right under the sun and in a place that cannot fail to inspire.

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