Outrageous Escapism: Sutherland Falls, South Island, New Zealand

Outrageous Escapism: Sutherland Falls, South Island, New Zealand

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Sutherland Falls,
South Island
, New Zealand


If you’re looking to discover a real-life fairy-tale spectacle,
it’s time to ditch the latest novel and be mesmerised by the
Sutherland Falls. Tumbling 580m from Lake Quill, an enchanting
Ice-Age rock basin nestled high in the mountains, it ranks the
world’s tallest waterfalls.

The crest of the falls is typically reached by foot along the
Milford Track, a 54km, four-day hike that requires a decent level
of endurance, though you’ll be rewarded with lungfuls of misty
mountain air en route. If your heart races at the thought of
strenuous exercise, or your itinerary doesn’t afford the time,
consider a helicopter ride instead; you’ll enjoy all the scenic
wonder, minus the sweat patches.

Where to stay

Hike between three pre-booked huts on the Milford Track: which
you will hike between each day: Clinton Hut, Mintaro Hut and Dumpling Hut. To recharge with tranquil
mountain views, stay at Te Anau Lodge.

What to pack

You won’t be able to buy refreshments along the hike, so we
recommend bringing the lightweight Halo
to keep hydrated. Pick up a pair of these Leica Ultravid 8×20 BR binoculars so you don’t
miss a detail.

Travel tip-off

To avoid heavy rainfall, visit in the walking season from
through to April
though we can’t guarantee you won’t be caught up in a little

New Zealand

How to get there

As you’ll be setting off from the southwest of South Island, we
suggest you fly to Queenstown Airport. You’ll want to pick up the
two-hour bus journey to Te Anau, where you can catch a bus that
takes you directly into Fiordland National Park.

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