The Carry On: September 2018

The Carry On: September 2018

Carry On is our monthly round up of our favourite travel
items we’d happily haul from Stansted to Seville,
Heathrow to Hydra.
Be it a functional fedora or the latest in skincare science, we’ve
probably got it in our carry on. Riffing on the adage “if you can
think it, you can be it” – we’re saying: “If you can jam it in your
carry on… you can bring it.” Catchy.

Note: weight restrictions and other practicalities do not

Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Masks


111Skin’s innovative hydrogel Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Mask works
to eradicate signs of fatigue by alleviating puffiness and dark
circles. Mimicking the effects of sub-zero temperatures, these
results-driven de-puffers deliver visible results (we might sound
like an infomercial but these are seriously effective) minimising
discoloration and the appearance of fine lines. For this (and the
extended lists of benefits noted on the reverse side of their
packaging) we – the frenetic and sleep-deprived travellers – are
eternally grateful. When not applying in transit, pop these
ice-blue crescents in the fridge for an extra oomph.

Buy now at 111SKIN£65.00



Whether warding off the London heatwave or wafting your way
through a steaming souk, handheld fans are a non-negotiable
addition to any summertime traveller’s hoard. As beautiful as they
are practical, Fern Fans – created by co-creative directors Daisy
Hoppen and Amanda Borberg – are inspired by the historical
practices and mannerisms of using a fan. First on our summer
reading list: fan gestures and signals – so far we’ve mastered:
“Come talk to me” (carry fan in left hand) and “You have changed”
(draw fan across forehead). Handy and assertive.

Buy now at Fern£55.00

iKO Finger Toothbrush

Melo Labs

This toothbrush looks a little confusing but it makes a lot of
sense. The iKo finger toothbrush is 100% recyclable, doesn’t
require water or toothpaste – it contains fluoride that is released
when you brush – and comes in a dinky portable plastic case that
slides neatly into your handbag. We’re packing ours for all
eventualities – camping trips, delayed flights, long car journeys,
you name it…

Buy now at Melo Labs£6.00

This image is on holiday

The Musical Time Machine


A tech company steeped in nostalgia sounds oxymoronic. Radiooooo
is the free app we’ve nominated as our time-travelling DJ. Virtual
travel via Instagram is one thing, but how about when you’re
actually in the place you dreamed of exploring and want to
immersive yourself deeper still into your chosen destinations’
sounds and rhythms. To use, simply pick a country, pick a decade
and listen to a curated selection of music popular in that place in
history. Scroll through artists and songs historically and
geographically and perpetuate those time bubbles from Cannes to

Buy now at Radiooooo£0.00

Essential Cashmere Travel Set


The aspirational “us” is sitting ready for pre-board in our
head-to-toe cashmere set from VEN. Your flying accoutrements
comprise of a blanket, pillow cover, socks (choose from medium or
large) and eye mask backed with cotton cashmere (which is cooler on
the eyes FYI); combined, the set emotes ultimate comfort vibes.
Ideal for the world’s wanderer, the set’s lightweight finish means
it’s compact and easy to pack in your hand luggage. Put it at the
top of your travel checklist.

Buy now at VEN£295.00

Smartphone UV Sanitizer


We’re starting to believe that our phones are actually gremlins
– they vacuum our time, they attract infinite germs and their
battery life depletes quicker than our self respect at 2am on a
Saturday night out in Hackney. But we digress… the issue we’re
tackling is the bacteria build up on our phones: enter PhoneSoap.
The novel device uses UV rays to sanitise your phone while charging
it. We use it every night (Saturdays excluded).

Buy now at PhoneSoap£60.00

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