The World’s Most Outrageous Yachts

The World’s Most Outrageous Yachts

We’ve rounded up the most extravagant superyachts in the world, from that resembling a flying spaceship to the ultimate party boat. Prepare to be astounded, amazed and gloriously appalled…

do you do when you’ve spent your money on anything and
everything else? Splash that cash on a yacht, obvz. Unashamed
voyeurs that we are, we couldn’t help but wonder what unbounded
opulence was concealed within those gleaming fibre-glass walls.
We’re not just talking luxurious lounges – multiple heli pads,
secret submarines and Turkish baths – you name it, these floating
palaces have it.

We’ve rounded up the most extravagant superyachts in the world,
from that resembling a flying spaceship to the ultimate party boat.
Prepare to be astounded, amazed and gloriously appalled…

Adastra Superyacht

The Adastra represents the future of luxury yachts in style and
fuel consumption (it can travel 4,000 nautical miles without
refuelling). The unique exterior conjures up images of a futuristic
spaceship, while the interior – inspired by Scandi and Asian design
– looks fit for a party in outer space. Oak panelling runs
throughout and natural light streams in from the wrap-around
windows – of course, there’s a sauna and whirlpool. Did we mention
that it can be controlled by an iPad from 50 metres away?


Spanning an impressive 163 metres, Eclipse is the second largest
yacht in the world, sleeping up to 36 guests and 70 crew members.
Aboard you will find a gym, jacuzzi, beauty salon, indoor garden,
cinema, and sauna. There’s not one but two helipads, and if you
happen to find yourself engaged in a little sea warfare, you’re all
set because it comes fully equipped with a missile system. But what
makes Eclipse truly special is its pool. At 16 metres, it is the
largest pool on any yacht. But as the saying goes, it’s not the
size that matters but what you do with it… At the touch of a
button, the bottom of the pool raises and transforms into a dance
floor. Ta da.

Unique Circle Yachts

One of our favourite architects, the late Pritzker prize-winning
Zaha Hadid, collaborated with shipbuilders Blohm+Voss to create a
super innovative super yacht concept: step forward, Unique Circle
Yachts. The largest of the fleet, Unique Circle, is over 128 metres
long and has an underwater viewing platform. Like Hadid’s other
architectural designs, they’re pretty daring feature fluid,
interconnected lines over traditionally rigid designs. The yacht’s
exterior is all curving shapes which overlap and connect to
different decks, evoking the skeletal structure of natural marine
formations. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to float inside
of a seashell, here is your chance. Rumour has it that Blohm+Voss
are still looking for a buyer to fulfil the concept. Better get
your chequebook out…

Sea Force One

Sea Force One is the ultimate party boat. The DJ booth, LED
lighting, black-leather seating, fur sofas and fully stocked bar on
the upper deck will make you feel like you’re in a nightclub rather
than in the middle of the ocean. The circular dining area on the
main deck offers sensational views and is perfect for dinner and
drinks before dancing the night away. The illuminated staircase
creates a waterfall-effect which is sure to give you a dramatic
entrance every time, while luxurious loungers on deck are the ideal
place to nurse a hangover. Alternatively, head to the
state-of-the-art gym to sweat out the alcohol. Now that you have
the perfect party location, the tough part is deciding which of
your ten friends to take with you. Just try not to fall

Diamonds Are Forever

As the name suggests, Diamonds Are Forever is truly grandiose.
The interior design will make you feel like a prince/ss on a
floating sea palace. Crystal chandeliers and 24K gold accents can
be found in almost every room, while the master suite is decked out
with marble columns and hand-painted sky murals. Diamonds Are
Forever doesn’t scrimp on amenities either. It has an exceptional
kitchen with a large walk-in fridge and freezer, sound-proof doors,
jacuzzi, sauna, massage room, helicopter pad and gym. Climb up to
the top sundeck for sweeping views of your sea kingdom.


If you’ve been to the Cannes Film Festival, you’ll have heard of
the Octopus. This impressive super yacht belongs to Microsoft
co-founder Paul Allen and is the venue for his annual Cannes Film
Festival party. Features include a cinema, gym, glass-bottom pool,
basketball court, two helicopter landing pads and a recording
studio used by Mick Jagger. What’s more is that the yacht comes
with a ten-person submarine for making a stealthy and stylish
getaway à la James Bond. With all of this on-board, it’s no wonder
Paul Allen’s annual Cannes Festival party is one of the most hotly
anticipated events of the year.


Numptia is ideal for those after some R&R. The warm colour
palette with its reds, browns and whites and plush seating area
adorned in the finest cashmere and velvet, creates an
extraordinarily comfortable and tranquil lounge room. After a long
day of tanning, unwind here while watching your favourite films on
the 103″ Panasonic television screen. If you need pampering, head
to the yacht’s fully equipped state-of-the-art spa where you’ll
find a Turkish bath, hair salon, massage room, beauty room and
sauna. After a week on the Numptia, you’ll leave feeling
rejuvenated and replenished. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same
for your wallet.


The luxury superyacht Dubai has it all. At 162 metres, it’s one
of the world’s largest private yachts and can accommodate 115
people. Dubai has seven decks, a variety of formal and informal
saloons inside and out, three elevators, multiple hot tubs, a gym,
a squash room and a spa. The striking interior features a glass
circular staircase which changes colours every time pressure is
applied, making you feel like a giddy five-year-old all over again,
while the foyer is completely done up in mosaics.

Lady Luck

This is one of the most extravagant superyachts out there.
Everything from the lighting, accessories, fabrics and furniture
was made and designed by the fashion house Fendi. And believe us
when we say that absolutely no expenses were spared. For one, the
lift is plated in 24K gold. On the outside deck, circular daybeds
with silk pillows surround the custom-made hot tub. If you tire of
admiring the ritzy beauty of Lady Luck, you can work up a sweat in
the air-conditioned gym or built-in sauna.

Streets of Monaco

If you think superyachts couldn’t get any more ludicrous, you
haven’t seen Streets of Monaco. This is the first design proposal
by Yacht Island design. Their concept is relatively simple: to
create a floating city. On the outside decks, you will find scaled
reproductions of famous landmarks in Monaco like the Monte Carlo
Casino, Hotel de Paris, Café de Paris, La Rascasse, Loews Hotel and
a fully functional go-kart circuit based on the Monaco Grand Prix.
Inside is an oasis with palm trees, multiple water features, a
café, and hundreds of lounge chairs. If this isn’t enough, you will
also find a full spa with manicure and hair salons, gym, massage
suites, wine cellars, private lifts, dance hall and a casino.
You’ll have to wait for this floating city as it isn’t scheduled to
be built until 2017. The asking price? $1billion. But six months
should be plenty of time to save, right?

A poolside hangout at Japan's Amanemu

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