Creative Freedom: We Want You to Shoot the Next SUITCASE Cover


Your chance to shoot the next SUITCASE cover and receive £1000.

The pandemic didn't just put a halt to our travel plans, it paused our production too. Mid-way through creating Vol. 31: The Freedom Issue, lockdown forced us to refocus our creative process. We've launched a podcast, opened a shopand, best of all, we've poured our energy into getting to know you better.

Fast forward a few months, and we feel more connected with our global community of readers than ever - and that's why we want to put you front and centre of our next cover.

As production sets into motion once again, we're calling on photographers - whether you're a film aficionado or snap-happy shutterbug - to submit an image that encapsulates what freedom means to you.

Our favourite shot will be showcased on the cover of our next issue, launching on the 20 August.

What are we looking for?

The shapeshifting notion of freedom has myriad meanings: physical, spiritual and mental. It's an intangible concept that shapes our everyday, something that has been demonstrated more acutely by recent world events.

Freedom is free speech, a lack of discrimination, the freedom to move, the freedom to be. Freedom is also setting off on the open road without an end destination in mind; skinny-dipping in a moonlit stream; turning off your phone for the day.

Freedom is also creative freedom - and we're giving you that entirely. Do with it what you will. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

Full terms and conditions here.

The Prize

The winning photograph will be featured on the front cover of Volume 31: The Freedom Issue, along with a double-page spread featuring the winner's story.

The winner will recieve a cash prize of £1000 and have the opportunity to shoot for SUITCASE Magazine in the future.

A select number of runners up will also be featured in the magazine.


1 x photo (please see image requirements below under "Specifications").

150 words explaining the story behind the image.

Images must not have been published anywhere previously but do not have to have been shot specifically for SUITCASE - we will accept unpublished work from your portfolio/archives.

How to submit your work

Submit your artwork at any time between now and Monday 20 July at 13:00 BST.

We will not accept any submissions after this date.

Please send in your submissions to [email protected]. We accept file transfer via Google Drive and Dropbox.


Orientation: Portrait (No landscape images can be accepted).

High resolution - 300dpi or above.

Colour format - RGB.

No phone photography - while we do not want to restrict creativity, due to printing requirements and in order to maintain the quality of the magazine we cannot accept any entries taken on mobile devices.

To consider

The size and crop of your image; the dimensions of our cover are 189 x 246mm but we ask you to set your canvas/crop to 194 x 251mm to allow for extra bleed around the edges.

The cover will have the SUITCASE logo at the top, as well as a barcode in the bottom left corner - see image above.