What to Pack: Palermo, Marrakech and Seville

What to Pack: Palermo, Marrakech and Seville

We’ve picked three destinations perfect for this time of year and curated a wardrobe ready to take with you. From flouncy blouses to city-ready sunnies, these are the items to pack on your city breaks in Palermo, Marrakech and Seville.

only been back in school mode since September but already our inner child is geared
up for a Halloween break; we’re itching (possibly from having to
wear a jumper) to get back to brighter climes and looks. We’ve
narrowed it down to three destinations perfect at this time of
year, and planned out a wardrobe for each. You could say we’ve done
our homework.

Palermo, Sicily

A spaghetti-tangle of streets, Palermo’s many invaders – Greek,
Roman, Byzantine, Arab, French, Spanish, Austrian and British –
have all added to the capital’s exotic architecture. To the north,
you’ll find galleries and ornate churches; to the south, a
contrasting scene of exuberant baroque towns and sleepy fishing

Whether you venture up or down on this isle, be sure to pack a
caseload of chiffon – in every shade of Ladurée macaroon.

Seville, Spain

Synonymous with flamenco dancing, Seville is not the place to
opt for a subtle wardrobe. Flamboyance is the “orden del día”, with
a hint of old-world glamour thrown in. Made up of Moorish town
squares, gothic cathedrals and cutting-edge boutiques aside,
Seville is also renowned as the home of tapas. Eat “ir de tapeo”
(around the bars) like the locals, nibbling on small plates and
slugging back thimbles of wine, one bustling venue after another.
Elasticated waistbands are advisable.

Marrakech, Morocco

A city steeped in history and antiquarian architecture, Marrakech is a patchwork of colour; one from
which your wardrobe should take its cue. The red, baked-mud medina
resting beneath the snow-capped High Atlas, emphasises the
contrasting shades (and climates) of this market metropolis perched
on the edge of the Sahara. Spend mornings wandering through the souks,
stopping at fresh-juice stalls amid shopping for handmade slippers
and exotic spices. Come sundown, flit among snake charmers and
billows of smoke from street stalls before dining on a rooftop with
views of the jumbling city below. Whether visiting tanneries or
tucking into tagine, you’ll need to pack for every eventuality.

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