Seven Places to Head for Autumn Sun

Seven Places to Head for Autumn Sun

soon as the temperature in the
becomes cool enough to dig out your aviator jacket, some of
our favourite summer holiday destinations become free of crowds,
making it an ideal time squeeze in a bit of sun. We know you know
that Cyprus and Egypt
benefit from almost year-round sunshine, but we’ve picked out a
handful of destinations your next door neighbour hasn’t yet

Fed up of fall? Here’s where it’s hot



The laid-back fishing village of Kas on southern Turkey‘s
Lycian coast enchants with whitewashed buildings smothered in
bougainvillea cascading down the mountainside. Waterfront coffee
houses line the shore while the Lycian Way (an ancient coastal
footpath) snakes around the edge of the town via the ruins of
Antiphellos. Snuggled in a cove, Kaptus beach is an ideal place to
soak up the last of the summer sun; the water resembles a Van Gogh
palette as fresh mountain streams battle the azure saltwater,
creating a striking contrast of piercing aquamarines and bold
cobalts. Also worth a visit is the pine-backed Pnar Kuru, which is
home to a single (and often deserted) jetty, renowned for fish
sightings. Be sure to slip beneath the ocean surface too, as locals
say the best time to dive is after the first autumnal rain. Giant
sea turtles are known for their playful interactions with
snorkellers, while experienced divers can explore a bomber plane
that was shot down during WWII and now lies eerily on the



Much more than the backdrop for 1942 film starring Ingrid
Bergman and Humphrey Bogart (which was was actually filmed in
Hollywood), in recent years this former pirate lair has been given
an update which fuses the old-world Moroccan with modern flair.
Catering to those who have already mastered the medina in Marrakech
and surfed the shores of Agadir, it’s a heady mix of grit and
grace. Palm-lined boulevards denote a French
feel while art-deco buildings have been repurposed as
progressive galleries and museums. La Fabrique Culturelle des
Anciens Abattoirs de Casablanca is a former slaughterhouse that now
houses urban dance and music workshops, while La Villa des Artes is
a space that has hosted everything from graffiti artists to vintage
jewellery exhibitions. We can’t help but draw comparisons between
here and Venice
. Numerous surf schools are littered around La Corniche –
the breaks are so good that Quicksilver host their world-renowned
surf competition here every September.


Canary Islands

Sunny but not scorching, the Canary Islands should be a
year-round favourite but have been somewhat marred due to their
package holiday reputation. If you can put preconceptions aside,
Lanzarote is undergoing a transformation that has seen a surge of
independent wineries, sustainable lodgings and wellness retreats
springing up across this wild, volcanic isle. The cultural
influence of the iconic César Manrique can be found scattered
across the island as the architect, environmental and political
activist worked tirelessly to preserve the barren but beautiful
landscape. One of his most ambitious projects was the subterranean
Jameos Del Agua, an eccentric cultural centre featuring a rock-hewn
DJ booth, bubble skylights in the bar, a swimming pool reserved for
the King of Spain and a rare breed of blind, albino crabs. Famara
is the best beach on the island, boasting 3km of sweeping sandy
shores, pot-marked with coves that cry out for a beach towel and a
good book. Those who find sunbathing a bore will be pleased to know
it’s also a world-class spot for kitesurfing.



With names like Rainbow Beach, Nudey Beach and Surfers’
Paradise, it’s easy to see why Queensland is David Attenborough’s
favourite place on earth. Mother Nature’s kaleidoscopic fish tank,
Great Barrier Reef
, collides with thousand-year-old rainforests
and a coastline measuring 7,000km. As northern Europe begins to
feel sun-starved, Australia is just getting warmed up. It doesn’t
get much better than Queensland and we’re all about beach hopping
from Palm Cove to Port
, for a trip that’s about relaxed vibes, palm trees,
flat whites and sunsets. Pass through the Daintree Rainforest for
koala and croc sightings and be sure to head to the Sunday market
in bohemian Port Douglas for freshly harvested sugarcane juice,
homemade falafel and local papaya. The town is also an excellent
launch pad for a reef excursion or a hair-rising white water raft
ride down the Mossman Gorge, followed by a seafront feast washed
down with wine from the little-known Granite Belt region.



Miles apart from its flashy neighbours Dubai
and Abu
, Muscat is an intoxicating combination of souks, seafood
and sandscapes. The Gulf of Oman is sheltered by the Hjar
Mountains, creating a sprawling desert playground to be trekked
through at dawn or soared down in a buggy at dusk. The less active
can head to Qantab Beach, a small bay minutes away from Muscat’s
centre where long sweeps of sand are littered with rows of
traditional fishing boats and sun-bleached houses frame gin-clear
waters. Pepper beach days with mornings bartering at Muscat’s
Muttrah Souk; a mecca for fashionistas, pick-up buttery soft wool
pashminas, supple leatherwear and gold jewellery (you pay by the
weight so haggle carefully). Be sure to accept the array of
cardamom-scented sugary treats that will be bestowed on you by
traders too – the slightly tart Farth dates should be brought home
in barrels.

Jackson Hole

Wyoming, US

Set in a valley ringed by the Teton Mountain Range, Jackson Hole
is a majestic outdoor playground. Until mid-October
(when things get a little nippy), spend your mornings hiking the
acres of trails within the Bridger-Teton National Forest – on your
early morning trail don’t be surprised if you encounter some epic
wildlife along your path (mainly, moose and bison). Rafting more
your thing? Don a wetsuit and head out on the Snake River. On dry
land, head to Local restaurant and watering hole, and round off the
night at the iconic, honky-tonk, Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.



Covering most of southern Spain, Andalucia contains many of the
places – Seville,
Granada, the “white villages” – we’re keen to tick off our travel
wishlist. During your sojourn, indulge in the region’s blend of
Islamic and Christian culture: a cuisine infused with North-African
spices will serve as inspiration for your reserve of autumnal
recipes, while ancient mosques and vast palaces will beguile even
the most architecturally learned of visitors. Two masterful
structures include the Alcázar palace in Seville and Granada’s
Alhambra palace. After exploring the chain of lofty white towns
that dominate the craggy landscape, the hilltop settlements of

province are a worthy high note to finish on.

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