The World's Most Colourful Beaches

From bubblegum-pink waves and a sea of stars in the Maldives to volcanic black beaches in Hawaii, these are some of the most beautiful beaches from around the world.

Kaihalulu Red Sand beach

Maui, Hawaii

Kaihalulu's sands are rich in iron, which gives the beach its striking red colour. It is fairly hard to find, as it is technically on private property. It is worth the trek if you can make it, but be sure to bring good hiking shoes.


Hawaii, US

This ash-black beach has been created by volcanic activity on the Big Island in Hawaii. The water can be pretty rocky and not very pleasant to swim in, but is home to green turtles. As cute as they may be, don't disturb them because they are endangered.

Glass beach at Fort Bragg

California, US

This stunning beach in Fort Bragg off the northern coast of California is covered in sea glass. Though beautiful, the glass originates from years of rubbish dumping and has been smoothed by water over time.


Hawaii, US

The mossy-green beach of Papakolea is a must-see. The green color comes from the mineral olivine, which is lighter than the other components of lava that make up this beach. While the water is safe to swim in, surfing is not advised as the waves can get pretty rough.



Sometimes referred to as the Sea of Stars, Vaadoo on the Raa Atoll islands of the Maldives is famous for its bioluminescence, which is light emitted from living organisms. The 'stars' are a result of plankton that glow in the dark when shifted by the waves.

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