The World’s Worst Airlines

The World’s Worst Airlines

Whether it’s because of a sketchy safety record or 14-hour delays, these airlines are worth avoiding.

The worst airlines for safety: Cubana Airline and Iran

With 8 fatal accidents and 404 deaths registered out of 320,000
completed flights, Cubana has the worst safety record of any
international carrier in the world. Iran Air, with its 5 accidents
and 708 deaths out of 970,000 completed flights is not far behind,
and was banned by the EU in 2010 because of its poor safety rating.
One review on Skytrax, the airline ranking website, reveals that a
flight carried by Iran Air even stopped in the middle of the runway
for last minute maintenance.

The worst airline for customer service: Turkmenistan

Once described by a passenger as “the worst airline and customer
service ever seen,” Turkmenistan Airline has through the years
collected the most impressive record of bad reviews. Several
comments unveil the general discomfort, uncleanliness, inedible
food and obscene delays. That said, it is the so-called “miserable
staff” that suffer the worst criticisms, as they’ve been described
as everything from rude to incompetent.

The worst airline for delays: Lion Air

Specialists in cancelling flights without warning anyone, Lion
Air, an Indonesian company, carries a long list of delayed flights.
One passenger reviewed that a “flight was delayed for almost 2
hours and no announcements were made.” Another passenger recalls
checking-in at the airport and getting at the gate to discover that
the flight he had booked 9 months before had been cancelled without
any announcement.

The worst airline for entertainment: Air

North Korea’s state-owned and only airline offers
dictator-approved entertainment in the form of documentaries about
the great leader as well as free copies of ‘Pyongyang Daily.’
Safety instruction includes announcements that highlight how the
flights are made possible by the dear leader. Entertainment aside,
Air Koryo, with its Soviet-era planes, is the only airline rated
with only 1 star on Skytrax, making it the world’s worst airline.
Although, along with the recent modernisation of the company’s
aircrafts, the reviews have also improved.

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