A Date Night Guide to London with Food Writer Bre Graham

The food writer takes us on a tour of the city’s swoon-worthy date spots, from intimate restaurants and sky-tickling cocktail bars to the best oyster happy hour in town

up during the bleak days of the pandemic, when dinner at
the tiny table in her rented flat was one of few daily joys, Bre
Graham’s debut cookbook, Table for Two, is a culinary sonnet to
cooking for, and eating with, the ones you love.

“I live in a bizarre north London building that has a restaurant, Oslo
Court, in the lobby,” Graham explains. “The view from my balcony is
of the most perfect table for two. The whole restaurant hasn’t been
updated since the mid-80s. It’s kitsch and romantic. Couples,
friends, mums and daughters: they all sit at that table, and seeing
those moments made me realise how important those intimate meals
are in our lives.”

The Aussie-born author grew up in Singapore, but has lived in
London for over 10 years, running supper clubs, writing for
publications and food companies, and hosting podcasts and panels.
Throughout that time, she’s cooked and captured recipes to share on
Instagram and in her weekly newsletter, Dishes to
, too. Her cookbook, out now, offers the same nostalgic,
approachable recipes she’s become known for, and celebrates the
romance of sharing a meal both at home and in a restaurant. Recipes
for collapsing chocolate cake and stuffed cabbage leaves sit beside
short essays on food and love, all interspersed with photos of her
oh-so-chic white tablecloths, vintage glassware and tiptop

Food writer Bre Graham
Crepes Suzette recipe by Bre Graham

Bre Graham, left, and a recipe from her debut book. | Photo
credits: Sophie Davidson; Issy Crocker

Feeding our love for all things romantic in swooning season, we
caught up with Graham to hear her tips for a perfect London date
night, whether you’re heading out with a fling or a friend.

Love in the city: a romantic guide to London with Bre

Where’s best for a dinner date in town?

For a casual date night, I love Quality
in Farringdon. It’s cosy and candlelit, serving small
plates and amazing wines. You can finish the meal with some of the
best cannoli in the city. They’re so, so good.

For a romantic date night that’s a little bit fancier, I’d head
to Andrew
in Soho. I think you want an intimate vibe on a
date, and you want to be able to hear each other talk – just soft
murmurs and soft lighting.

You love oysters – and their romance. Where do we find the best

Robin Gill’s Darby’s has an oyster happy hour – £1.50 oysters.

Interiors at Darby's, London, UK
Oysters at Darby's, London

Somewhere for a post-dinner cocktail?

I’m quite happy to cook dinner at home and then grab a cocktail
out. I love Sweeties at The Standard – gorgeous views and
such good cocktails. They almost don’t taste like alcohol, which is
dangerous. I also love Scarfes Bar in the Rosewood. Many hangovers
have been caused by that bar. Go there on the nights when it has

Anywhere for some late-night food?

London is terrible for late-night eating. It needs to up its
game. I’m a sucker for Five Guys, but they close weirdly early, so
head to Chinatown.

Favourite hotels for a city staycation?

I’m a hotel obsessive and I’ve stayed in quite a few London
spots. Again, for the view, I’d say
The Standard
The Rookery
[Clerkenwell] is absolutely gorgeous, too. It’s
really small, old-school, very British eccentric; being there feels
a bit like being at someone’s house. I used to live around the
corner from it and when I came home at night, I’d wave at the cat
in the lobby.

Double room at The Standard, London
Suite at The Standard, King's Cross, London

Room(s) with a view at The Standard in King’s Cross. | Photo
credit: David Cleveland

What about a Sunday breakfast?

As an Australian in London, Granger & Co. is like a homesickness cure.
I also like Sam’s in Primrose Hill. For bagels, I love Panzer’s. You can get
them to go and head into the park in summer. I’m lazy, so all my
favourite breakfast spots are local to my flat.

In Table for Two, you say romantic meals can be for friends as
well as flings. Where do you go in London for a date with a

Cooking for someone says “you mean a lot to me” and “you are
special in my life”. It’s a really lovely thing to do for a friend.
It was important, for me, that this book was useful for someone who
isn’t in a romantic relationship. I wasn’t in one for a portion of
my 20s and I would have loved something like this that made me feel
I could have fun dinners with my best friend, and cook a meal
together, and make that part of our friendship.

When I’m meeting up with friends in London, I love to go to
Spring in Somerset House for a special meal. It’s
light, airy and feminine. Rita’s in
Soho is fun, too. Just order everything off the menu and enjoy the
best cocktails and the best food. It’s a good place to have a
really long catch-up.

A brunch dish at Granger & Co. in London
Marylebone Granger & Co., London

Marylebone’s Granger and Co. serves up Aussie-influenced
brunches. |
Photo credit: Petrina Tinsley

Tell us about your gorgeous homeware collection…

I need to stop buying homeware. My flat is the size of a
matchbox and 90 per cent of it is occupied by glassware, tableware
and linen. I live in St John’s Wood, which has the most useless
high street, but five of the best charity shops in London. A lot of
my tableware comes from those charity shops. I can’t go into them
anymore. Every time I look, I have to get a new set of martini
glasses that I definitely don’t need.

I also love Matilda Goad. Her stuff is really beautiful. Try
shopping on Glassette, too; it has a good curation of lesser-known

When I travel, I always save room in my luggage for flea finds.
No matter where I am, I’ll find a way to smuggle something home.
One of my favourites is the Central Market [Varvakeios Market] in
Athens. I have a Greek enamelware salad bowl that I sacrificed a
bathrobe for so I could bring it home in my suitcase. I can buy a
bathrobe anytime, but I would never have been able to buy that
beautiful salad bowl again.

Any other romantic holiday destinations on your list?

Rome is my number one. I went there when I was
writing the book early last year. It’s a walkable city, with the
best food and good light, too.

The Lowdown

Bre Graham’s debut cookbook Table for Two is available to
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