Rhode Resort: Purna Khatau’s Scotland Travel Diary

From Paris to Kenya, the duo seeks out adventures – and whether that’s exploring nature or partying all night, they’re always having a good time.

and celebrities alike have been fawning over the luxe
yet casual pieces from Rhode Resort, which has become the brand to have in
your beach wardrobe. Conceptualised while in Goa, the resort wear
represents the carefree spirit of a holiday through elegant designs
that are loved by city dwellers.

Founders Purna Khatau and Phoebe Vickers met in their first year
of college when they were randomly assigned as roommates, and have
been best friends since. Khatau was born in Bombay and Vickers is
from New York – when they parted ways, they decided
they would always meet up in a different part of the world. From
Paris to Kenya, the duo seeks out adventures – and whether that’s
exploring nature or partying all night, they’re always having a
good time.

Khatau recently spent a week in Scotland with her family. From
elaborate dinner parties to spontaneous dance lessons and long
walks, the week was packed. They spent four nights aboard the
Belmond Royal train (which they had rented just for themselves)
before venturing to Edinburgh where they spent the remainder of
their time at The Balmoral. While Vickers wasn’t able to join on
this occasion, Purna shared her stories with us – and we can’t wait
to see what kind of collection they inspire.

Who went on the trip with you?

Some of my favourite family members from around the world, a
crazy Swede, and my boyfriend, Roberto. Next time I plan to take my
dogs; they would have loved it.

Describe your typical day.

It felt like real-life Murder on the Orient Express. Every
morning started with a breakfast in the dining car, followed by a
morning activity which could be pigeon shooting, kayaking, hiking
or a massage, followed by lunch and then an optional afternoon
activity. Around 6PM, the cocktails started to flow and would
continue until dinner was served – for which there was a formal
dress code.

Tell us about some of your favourite moments.

On the Isle of Skye we did a hike called the Man of Storr. It
was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. Another
afternoon we went out in a small boat off the coast in search of
puffin penguins. It was incredible to see hundreds of thousands of
birds gathered on small protected islands.

And a happy accident?

One evening after dinner the host surprised us with a “wee” bit
of traditional Scottish dance lessons and a party on a station
platform under a bridge in the rain – to live music, of course.

Most interesting sight?

In Edinburgh we walked down the street that had inspired JK
Rowling for Diagon Alley. I suppose it’s silly but we were really
excited all the same.

Was this your first time to Scotland?

The first, but definitely not the last.

What did you find most surprising?

How warm and friendly the people are in spite of the gloomy

What did you pack in your SUITCASE?

Timberland boots, lots of knits, a warm jacket and a few
cocktail dresses.

What was the fashion like there?

Everyone there seems to wear a lot of plaid and, of course,
there are Barbour jackets everywhere.

What was your favourite purchase along the way?

Tweed! I can’t wait to wear it at home this winter.

One travel tip for visiting Scotland…

Always be prepared for the rain – as they say in Scotland, the
weather is “changeable”.

How has travel previously inspired your collections?

Travel and global culture are things we are constantly exploring
in our collections. Last season we drew on the Qing Dynasty; we
were interested in exploring the history of great Chinese dynasties
and landed on Qing for the period’s celebration of colour and
prosperity. Prior to that we’ve looked to countries like Uzbekistan
and beyond for historical references as well as contemporary

And how did this trip inspire you?

The countryside felt magical and enchanted. It made me want to
run off into the forests and live with the unicorns.

Do you think it will affect future collections?

We’ll just have to see…

What are a few of your favourite destinations?

Kenya, Paris, the Maldives, Goa.

Which Rhode Resort pieces do you always take with you?

I always have an Ella dress and at least one pair of our Berto

Where would you like to go on your next adventure?


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