Travel Trends in 2021: The SUITCASE Guide ft. Olivia Lopez

As 2020 draws to a close, we’re looking forward to hitting the road in 2021. Join us as we share the destinations we can’t wait to explore, the hotel openings on our hotlists and the travel trends that are taking over. We’ll also be chatting to travel influencer and content creator Olivia Lopez about her travel philosophy, the first place on her agenda and why she’s obsessed with all things Italian.

here. The big one. The SUITCASE guide to travel 2021 has

We’ve been itching to share with you the trips our travel
editors are planning, the hotel openings on our radar and the
travel trends on the horizon.

Chatting about workations and carbon-neutral holidays, seaside-town
and a Hawaiian island that’s undergoing creative
regeneration, India and Fleur share insider intel on the next big
trips to plan. They’ll also be talking (read: arguing) about the
next wave of hotel openings and why Southend-on-Sea is the new

We also catch up with travel influencer, content creator and
podcast host Olivia Lopez to get the lowdown on the trips she’s
taking, the places she’s revisiting and how her travel philosophy
is changing.

Race you to departures…