Unexplored UK: Why Adventure is Good For You

Charlie and Jess of The Travel Project are here to prove there’s more adventure waiting for us in our back gardens than we may think – it’s time to cancel that plane ticket and explore your own stomping ground.

52 UK adventures within 52 weeks – and welcoming
their first-born along the way – Charlie and Jess have turned their
passion project into a lifestyle that everyone wants a piece of.
The couple have redefined the parameters of adventure, emphasising
that you don’t have to embark on a journey to a faraway destination
to feel the thrill of discovery.

Leaning on relationships built with locals, Charlie and Jess
immersed themselves into the culture of whichever spot they chose
to visit and strived for an authentic, sustainable experience to
write home about.

Now with 32.5K followers on Instagram, the travelling twosome
have ignited the movement of “achievable adventure” and
rediscovered the UK in a brand new – and beautiful – light.

Tune in as the couple detail their Achievable Adventure project
where they’ve set out to discover 52 UK destinations in the span of
52 weeks. From coastal foraging in Wales to breathtaking hikes in
Scotland, Charlie and Jess have gained a greater appreciation for
the land they call home and are now sharing their discoveries (and
top tips) with the travel community.

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