Where to Travel This Summer According to Your Star Sign

Where to Travel This Summer According to Your Star Sign

Stuck for where to travel next, and who to take along for the ride? Let the stars be your guide, with our sign-by-sign round-up of divine destinations.

could stick a pin in a map to decide where to go on your
next trip, but why leave it to fate when your star sign can provide
all the clues you need for a tailor-made holiday to remember? Not
only that, but the zodiac can also help you figure out who to
choose to go with – or give you the nudge to go it alone. Play to
your strengths, follow your heart and get set for an
out-of-this-world voyage of discovery.

Reach for the stars: an astrological travel guide

Overlooking Barcelona's cityscape


21 March – 19 April


Bold, assertive and brave, the ram isn’t one for simply
daydreaming about going places – the first sign of the zodiac gets
plans made and flights booked before you can say “isn’t Emma Watson
an Aries?”. If you’re one such trailblazer, aim to be in Barcelona
– solo – for the annual La Mercè festival, on 23-26 September, which
pays homage to patron saint Our Lady of Mercy. Being a fire sign,
you’ll love the light and visual shows in Ciutadella Park and
pyrotechnic displays over Barceloneta beach, and make a host of new
friends at the parades and correfocs (fire runs), parties and
live-music performances that guarantee the occasion goes with a

Camels in the Moroccan desert


20 April – 20 May


Slow and steady does it for earth sign Taurus, the bull of the
zodiac, whose characteristics include reliability, devotion and a
knack for dealing with the practicalities of travel without
breaking a sweat. If this is you, grab another earth sign to be
your travel companion – you’ll share an appreciation for keeping it
real – and head to the rolling Saharan dunes of Morocco for a
go-slow overland odyssey. Feast, Berber-style, beneath the stars,
seek out guided sunrise meditation sessions, plod across the shifting
red sands on camelback and join an expert-led walk in search of
native flora, fauna and fossils.

A street in Rome, Italy


21 May – 20 June


Geminis, the astrological twins, are blessed on the intellect
and logic fronts – a bonus when it comes to planning a getaway – so
a self-improvement holiday will hit the spot. As will travelling
with a group of friends, social butterfly that you are. Consider
Rome, partly for its connection with mythological twins Romulus and
Remus, but also to take part in a cooking class with local sisters
Benedetta and Valeria Bianchini of Local
. With over 30 years’ experience in the food and wine
industries, they’ll help you to master some of Italy’s best-loved
dishes, and reveal the stories behind them. Or, for a more
immersive experience, check out Sojrn, whose month-long programme allows
digital nomads to base themselves in the Eternal City and attend
lectures and workshops delving into Rome’s history, around working

The city of Edinburgh from above


21 June – 22 July


Cancerians are old souls at heart, for whom traditions,
connections to the past and family are all-important. If this is
you, we recommend setting off on a multi-generational trip with
everyone from grandma to the newest member of the clan, making
golden memories that everyone will treasure. While ruins, sacred
sites and the stories associated with them get your heart racing,
Machu Picchu may be a stretch too far for travels en famille.
Edinburgh, however, is a manageable alternative. The Scottish
capital’s iconic fortress castle might
date back to the 12th century, but the majority of its buildings
are accessible and there’s a lift up to the Crown Jewels. Plus,
you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants and
independent boutiques to explore afterwards, with myriad street
performers on hand to keep wee ones entertained.

A beach in Miami


23 July – 22 August

Miami Beach

Leos are sun worshippers and – let’s be honest, Leos – want to
be worshipped like the sun. Summer is lion season, with
see-and-be-seen hotspots such as St Tropez and Milan offering a
great incentive to travel heavy. All those shoes! All those hats!
But, for a proper splash-out birthday extravaganza, we recommend
you Leos get someone who adores you to whisk you away to the glitzy
south Florida island city that is Miami Beach. Don your biggest sunglasses to take in
dazzling Crandon Park sunrises, spend afternoons sunbathing and
sipping cocktails in South Beach, then head to Sunset Harbour for
an extravagant, indulgent dinner, before – after another quick
costume change – finding a happening spot in which to show off your
moves on the dancefloor.

Agnes Water Queensland


23 August – 22 September


Virgos are natural caretakers of the land, and have a huge
affinity with animals. Earthy, grounded and happy when being of
service to others, a working holiday at a nature or wildlife refuge
will be just the ticket. Plus, as you’re known for your ability to
form strong friendships with coworkers, you can travel solo, safe
in the knowledge that you’ll make new buddies in situ. Ready for a
long-haul adventure down under? Check out the sustainability-led
Horizons Kangaroo Sanctuary, in the sleepy beachside
town of Agnes Water, Queensland, which is dedicated to the
rehabilitation and release of orphaned joeys. Sprawling across four
hectares, the refuge provides accommodation for volunteers, who’ll
spend days helping out with the menagerie of kangaroos and
wallabies, doing gardening duties and slipping away for the odd
afternoon on the beach.

Quito, Ecuador – where Libras should go on holiday


23 September – 22 October


Balance in all things is key for harmony-seeking Librans – an
air sign with a head for symmetry and equilibrium. If this is you,
it won’t come as much surprise that your ideal travel companion
will be another Libra – someone who shares your inquisitiveness, is
good at mapping out a well-paced itinerary and happy to compromise.
Considering the imaginary line that Librans walk, you’ll love
Quito, Ecuador, and, specifically, the Intiñan
Solar Museum. Here, you can officially straddle the Earth’s
hemispheres in a museum that pays homage to indigenous Ecuadorian
culture and history, as well as trying out some fun science
experiments that only work when you’re at the equator.

A cafe in Paris, France


23 October – 21 November


Intense and edgy, Scorpio is the zodiac sign associated with
hedonism, sex, death and rebirth, so a stroll round a National
Trust property just won’t cut it. Drawn to experiences that make an
impact – and well suited to doing them with either a like-minded
Scorpio or a flexible water sign, such as Pisces – you’ll do best
with a city that never sleeps. Jump on the Eurostar to Paris and
sign up for a Sex and Death walking tour of the Père Lachaise Cemetery. The most-visited burial
ground in the world, its famous residents include Edith Piaf, Jim
Morrison, Chopin and Oscar Wilde. After that, all the indulgences
of the French capital await, from perfect patisserie to the kind of
wild party that you Scorpios seem to have a sixth sense for
sniffing out.

The Samaria Gorge in Crete


​​22 November – 21 December


Sagittarians value freedom at all costs. An ambitious fire sign,
you’re the escape artist of the zodiac, so should seek out a
destination that promises big skies and breathtaking panoramas.
Travelling alone won’t pose a problem – it means you won’t have to
compromise with a companion who’d rather sit down for a cup of tea
than go free diving. We recommend you archers shoot for Crete, getting away from it all on the largest of the
Greek islands. From stargazing to exploring the wine country near
Heraklion, unravelling mythological stories at the Minoan Palace of
Knossos to hiking the Samaria Gorge, the adventures that await on
this sparkling Aegean paradise are only limited by your own energy
and enthusiasm – ie there are no limits.

A lake in South Tyrol


22 December – 19 January

South Tyrol

The hard-working horned goat, Capricorn’s innate love of
solitude steers travellers born under this sign away from crowded
destinations, with group tours being an absolute no-no. But
off-the-beaten-track doesn’t necessarily mean “basic” here, because
you like luxury with a capital L. Whether you head off solo or with
a Virgo friend, who’ll share your love of local culture over
sunbathing, we suggest you make South Tyrol, Italy, your base. Splash out on a
stay at the eco-friendly, uber-luxe Vigilius Mountain Resort –
accessible only by cable car leaving from Lana – where you’ll be
free to luxuriate in two swimming pools, a sauna, hammam and spa,
take in dazzling views of the Dolomites and Ultimo Valley, and
explore the surrounding mountain villages.

Deplar Farm Entrance


20 January – 18 February


Contemplative Aquarians are in their element in serene spots
that best allow them to observe, inspect and study the world around
them, making them better placed to be able to answer the perennial
question: “Why are we here?” Anything involving space and the
universe will grab your interest, and that of fellow air sign
Gemini, who’ll be excellent company on your next solar
eclipse-chasing jaunt. A trip to Iceland will give you plenty to
ponder. Make your base the lavish, eco-forward Deplar Farm, Ólafsfjörður, where binoculars are
provided for guests’ pleasure and a lack of light pollution means
the stargazing is some of the best in the world. During daylight
hours, Viking saunas and natural wonders galore will keep you


19 February – 20 March


Hello, daydreamer. The fish of the zodiac, you Pisceans are
sensitive, emotionally intelligent and attuned to the happiness of
those around you, as well as being the most spiritual of all 12
star signs. For this reason, visits to religious sites in places of
natural beauty will bring out the best in you. Consider sharing the
experience with your mum – a Piscean more often than not enjoys a
close bond with their mother – or with a Taurus, whose go-slow
approach is well suited to meandering around monasteries and
cathedrals. Gozo, Malta’s farming-island little sister, won’t
disappoint. Scattered with temples whose history stretches back
roughly 6,000 years, family-run restaurants and beautiful beaches,
its timeless landscapes are perfect for getting lost in.

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