Hergest Lee, Powys, Wales

Hergest Lee, Powys, Wales

With glowing-green eco credentials and interiors to delight mid-century devotees, this self-catering cabin makes for a cosy weekend break with friends or family. Switch off in the free-standing tub with floor-to-ceiling views over the craggy Welsh mountains.

labour of love from nonchalantly cool couple Rachael and Paul
Gent, this gorgeous cedar-clad cabin is a lesson in both design and

Perched among the beautifully sombre hills of deepest, darkest
the structure was built entirely from scratch by carpenter Paul
(who mind-bogglingly never wrote down the plans, instead keeping
all the blueprints in his head).

The clever curvature of the walls and lofty ceilings create a
sense of space far bigger than the cabin’s pint size, while a
floating staircase leading to a half-height second bedroom means it
sleeps five if you don’t mind being snug – far more than you’d
guess from outside.

Mid-century devotees will go gaga over the interiors. Think
Ercol chairs and a brown-leather Stouby sofa. We were so enchanted
by the Morris of Glasgow teak display cabinet that we immediately
hopped onto eBay to source one for ourselves.


The master bedroom is spacious and comfortable, complete with a
free-standing tub in front of an almost floor-to-ceiling window
overlooking the mountains. Nifty box units provide storage, while a
moody, black-hued rainfall shower joins muted tones to create a
sophisticated feel.

A second “bedroom” upstairs sleeps three, though it’s more like
a cubbyhole hideout – you can’t stand up. Children will be obsessed
with it, adults possibly less so.

Food and drink

It’s a self-catering stay so stock up before you arrive, though
Rachael and Paul kindly left some local provisions – cider, cheese,
crackers and eggs, as well as a still-hot loaf Rachael had just
baked. We’re still thinking about it.


WiFi, free-standing bathtub, stove, small fridge, rainfall
shower, loo.

Things I should know

It’s not as isolated as the pictures might suggest – you do have
houses on either side of you. When it comes to cooking,
unsurprisingly, there’s no oven, so plan your meals

What about its green credentials?

It was designed with the environment at the fore, so everything
from insulation to the paints and varnishes are eco-friendly. We
were particularly impressed with infrared heating panels on the
ceiling, which we’d never experienced before but give off a gently
comforting warmth.

Within a short walk I can find…

Not a lot. This is a place for those who want to switch off; a
place where you’re secretly thrilled when the rain gives you an
excuse to stay inside. Go for a walk in the hills if you must, then
return, open a bottle of red and clamber into that free-standing
bath. Remain there until you’ve finished the bottle and / or your
fingers are like prunes.

If you’re keen for an excursion, the wonderfully detailed
welcome pack provides recommendations for everything from markets
to wild swimming spots, walks, pubs, galleries and shops. Pretty
Hay-on-Wye, famed for the
literary festival
and a 25-minute drive away, is the place to
scour for antiques so you can bring some Hergest style home.

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