A SUITCASE Magazine for Every Kind of Valentine

With 35 issues of SUITCASE Magazine under our belt, we’ve learnt a thing or two about love – and how to win someone’s heart through words. So, in the spirit of the swooning season, we’ve taken a deep-dive into our back catalogue to bring you the perfect issue for every kind of Valentine.

Looking for a little something extra to give your main squeeze on a romantic weekend getaway? Need a last-minute present to impress a recent fling? Read on to find that perfect Valentine's gift from our archives.

The best SUITCASE Magazine issues to give this Valentine's Day

For your restaurant-loving Romeo (or Juliet)

Vol. 29: The Taste Issue

They say the best way to the heart is through the stomach, so why not serve up our Taste issue as a delectable side dish to your candlelit dinner? An epicurean grand tour taking in wild shorelines, sun-soaked island and fertile soils, this feast of a volume features a culinary retreat on the edge of the world, charts gastronomic adventures in Mexico and Malta and much more besides.

Photos by Jacob Elwood

For your adventure-loving admirer

Vol. 23: The Adventure Issue

If your Valentine's weekend away includes bouldering at Dumbarton Rock and a gift of new hiking boots, slip our Adventure issue into the bag, too. Journeying from Bhutan's ancient mountains to wild walking trails in New Zealand, we take the road less travelled and escape the ordinary.

Photos by Jack Harries

For your astrological addict

Vol. 17: The Myths and Legends Issue

Tracking your love language based on the position of the Aquarius moon? Struggling to keep your connection when Mercury goes into retrograde? Gift your other half our fantastical Myths and Legend issue and they, too, can venture into Ireland's magical landscapes, soar above Oxford's dreamy spires and explore Tangier's spice-swirled streets in search of metaphysical connections and powerful human stories.

Photos by Robbie Lawrence

For your hedonistic honey

Vol. 35: The Celebration Issue

Was your significant other itching to escape back into the world as soon as it reopened? Does your Valentine's Day date include a night of heavy beats or a last-minute flight to Cancún? Add our joy-filled Celebration issue to the mix to make your hedonistic other half's heart sing. We visit nomadic Kyrgyz communities, London jazz festivities and colourful fiestas in Colombia and France on an unrestrained, celebratory gambol across the globe.

Photos by Guy Needham

For your water baby

Vol. 11: The Water Issue

This aqua-soaked issue is perfect for marine explorers. We dive deep into the world's most beautiful oceans, stroll idyllic seaside towns and visit cities that revolve around H2O in our Water issue, taking in Cornwall's surf, the azure seas of Greece, plus Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Give it to your date and you'll be sure to make a splash.

Photos by Issy Croker

For your spa-seeking sweetheart

Vol. 30: The Health Issue

Keep your pampered lover supplied with suitable reading material on a Valentine's Day trip to one of the UK's best wellness retreats with our Health issue, which takes a fresh look at the wellbeing movement. Moving beyond body wraps and basalt scrubs, Vol. 30 includes horse-whispering retreats in the Andalusian hills, peace-seeking travels in Japan's Nagano and rebalancing visits to Puglia and Portland.

Photos by Mark Leaver

For your community-minded cutie

Vol. 33: The Collective Issue

This issue is for a kind-hearted boo with a social conscience. If they're always switching dinner dates for litter picks and community-kitchen shifts, our Collective issue will be an ideal Valentine's gift come the 14th. Visiting Zanzibar's seaweed mamas, the custodians of Iraq's night train and shamans working on the banks of a Guatemalan lake, this empowering issue redefines the concept of community - a perfect read between charitable deeds.

Photos by Carl Van Der Linde

For your free-spirited fling

Vol. 16: The Spirit Issue

Our dreamiest issue sees us travelling to Palm Springs, Seville, Texas and Tibet in search of boho escapes that promise true emotional unshackling. Give the gift of Spirit - alongside a bundle of incense sticks - to your free-flowing Valentine to provide some much-needed escapism, transporting them to Japan's Kumano Kodo trail and Kolkata's Chhath Puja festival.

Photos by Alex Firmenich

For your architecture-inspired soulmate

Vol. 22: The Design Issue

Packing for a design-focused city break to Hamburg on V-Day? Make sure to slip a copy of our Design Issue into your partner's carry-on. Vol. 22 is about much more than just the latest luxury hotel - inside, we consider how destinations like Bangkok, Tel Aviv and Detroit are being reshaped as communities adapt to changing cultural climates. A no-brainer for a love who likes to look at things from all angles.

Photos by Siobhan Cannell

For your boundary-pushing babe

Vol. 13: The Boundaries Issue

Packed with far-flung-destination inspiration and profiles of true pioneers, our Boundaries issue is for those who like to experiment both inside and outside of the bedroom. Crisscrossing the globe from Iceland and Iran to Melbourne and Antarctica, Vol. 13 takes a comfort zone-scrapping romp through the world's great unknowns, making it a consummate read for expressive exhibitionists.

Photos by Claudia Legge

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