Our All-Time Favourite Stories from Our Print Archives

For 30 issues we've traversed wild landscapes, pushed boundaries and inspired travellers to go beyond well-trodden tourists paths. In the spirit of armchair adventure, we've trawled through our back catalogue to bring you our favourite SUITCASE stories of all time.

Armchair escapism: the best stories from SUITCASE Magazine

Dances with Wolves

Transylvania, Romania

Volume 24: The Slow Issue

Despite having never owned padded Lycra shorts, our Editor-in-Chief India Dowley undergoes a cycling-induced epiphany amid the villages, hills and wild dogs of Transylvania.

Villa La Coste

Provence, France

Volume 29: The Taste Issue

At the art-filled Château La Coste, we take a seat in the Provencal home of Argentinian chef Francis Mallmann for a candlelit conversation that digests the art of fire cooking.

Reboot Camp


Volume 30: The Health Issue

Contributor Raven Smith tackles the millennial brag of burnout with a detox at the Swiss retreat of Clinique La Prairie. Will he transform from carby-caterpillar to butter-free butterfly?

Wildest Dreams


Volume 26: The Nostalgia Issue

Safari cynic Olivia Squire, our Print Editor-in-Chief, swallows her preconceptions as she ventures between deserts and deltas and submits to the ancient stirrings of the savannah.

Treasure Island


Volume 25: The Pioneer Issue

India Dowley embarks on an off-road, off-grid expedition through the island's untouched corners, where forest tribes still thwart the hungry reach of tourism.

A Thousand Ways In Dublin


Volume 27: The Books Issue

Dublin has birthed many authors: James Joyce, Sally Rooney, Colm Tóibín, Tana French. Meandering through The Fair City's literary haunts, we read the pulse of creativity.

On the Road

California, US

Volume 26: The Nostalgia Issue

Before travellers land in California, they've visited the state in their imagination. Stopping in ramshackle roadhouses and quirky small towns, we explore a fantasy made real.

Follow the Rose-Quartz Road

London, UK

Volume 30: The Health Issue

Wellness sceptic and goop travel editor Rachael McKeon tracks down the capital's A-list coven of breathworkers, reiki masters and crystal healers.

A Long Line in the Sand

US-Mexico Border

Volume 20: The Homelands Issue

Travelling for 12 weeks and 2,000 miles along the US-Mexico border unveils a diverse vision of America, in which the kindness of strangers overrides barriers of language and culture.

At the World’s Edge

Fogo Island, Canada

Volume 21: The Islands Issue

Adventuring across the North Atlantic to the offshore islands of Newfoundland and Labrador, we discover a revitalising sense of community amid extreme isolation.

Gateway to Africa

Accra, Ghana

Volume 18: The Rhythm Issue

The Ghanian capital might not inspire love at first sight. Scratch the surface, however, and you'll find a young generation pushing creative enterprises that respect tradition and drive innovation.

Grissini, Granita and Grandmothers

Sicily, Italy

Volume 20: The Homelands Issue

On a foray through the southern city of Gela, food writer Mina Holland walks la passeggiata, cooks caponata and discovers that Sicilian identity is far bigger than the island.

Making the Brutal Beautiful

Detroit, US

Volume 22: The Design Issue

A patchwork of regenerated buildings, community-driven art and ambitious design projects are defining a new, layered narrative for the Motor City.

Riders on the Storm


Volume 26: The Nostalgia Issue

India Dowley clambers back into the saddle for a horseback journey from Petra's awesome ruins to the ravaged desert of Wadi Rum.

Time Capsule

Hydra, Greece

Volume 21: The Islands Issue

Long lunches and a Leonard Cohen-inspired pilgrimage takes writer and podcast host Dolly Alderton to an island suspended in time.

Magical Thinking

Cartagena, Colombia

Volume 27: The Books Issue

Journeying among colonial towns, banana plantations and carnival rhythms, we retrace the steps of Colombia's most famous writer, Gabriel García Márquez.

The New Silk Road

Gansu, China

Volume 23: The Adventure Issue

Retracing the steps of Venetian explorer Marco Polo, we travel from Lanzhou's neon-streaked highways, through Martian mountains to the Buddhist grottoes of Dunhuang.

Go to the Mountain

Shōnai, Japan

Volume 24: The Slow Issue

Editor Olivia Squire unlocks the power of perambulation as she embarks on a spiritual pilgrimage across this slow-living, mountainous Japanese region.

Long Day’s Journey into Night

Svalbard, Norway

Volume 25: The Pioneer Issue

On the cusp of the seasons, we follow in the footsteps of early polar explorers across the Norwegian archipelago and meet the community fighting to protect Arctic waters.

Shrine On


Volume 28: The Cities Issue

India Dowley peels back the layers of myth and modernity in the Silk Road cities of Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand.

Soul Food

South Sudan

Volume 29: The Taste Issue

In the Mahad Camp for internally displaced persons, humanitarian photographer Giles Duley finds that, despite challenging circumstances, the way to the heart is through the stomach.

Leather, Dust and Honey

Istanbul, Turkey

Volume 28: The Cities Issue

The sensory city of Istanbul reveals itself to be as layered, addictive and devourable as its culinary delights.

Outlaws in the Arctic

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Volume 29: The Taste Issue

Fuelled by aquavit, halibut and midsummer madness, Olivia Squire devours fishing, foraging and Michelin-starred cooking at the edge of the world.

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