The Best Books to Broaden Your Horizons in 2022

The Best Books to Broaden Your Horizons in 2022

Whether you gravitate towards a dark thriller or prefer to curl up with a self-help hero, these are the books you’ll want to seek out in 2022.

to add to your library? We’re bookmarking the below as being
worthy of your shelves. Whether you’re looking to learn more about
our planet or simply to step out of your normal
literary comfort zone, read on for our latest recommendations.

11 banging reads for bookworms in 2022

a life on our planet book cover

A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future

by David Attenborough

Roll on, March, when grandfather of the natural world Sir David
Attenborough is set to transport us to the world’s most fascinating
corners – observing wildlife en route. Declaring his witness
statement and vision for the future, A Life on Our Planet will
teach us how we must act in order to protect our environment and,
in doing so, set mankind’s greatest mistake right.

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feeling myself book cover by natalie lee

Feeling Myself: How I Shed My Shame to Find Sexual Freedom and You Can Too

by Natalie Lee

Binge-watched Netflix’s Sex Education? Read Feeling Myself.
Having swapped a midwifery career for her famous and fabulously
honest sex blog (Style Me Sunday), Lee’s first book hits bookshops
in June. In it, she candidly explores her own relationship with
sex, while not shying away from typically taboo subjects such as
masturbation and porn. This is a book that empowers women by
helping them to understand their bodies better and teaches them to
experience pleasure without shame.

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jerks at work book cover

Jerks at Work: Toxic Coworkers and What to do About Them

by Tessa West

Okay, so when you’re OOO (out of office), the last thing you
want to think about is work. But, if you find yourself dreading the
return to your desk, this is the book to read – because knowledge
is power. Experienced working alongside toxic coworkers? West’s
Jerks at Work will be your bible. Based upon a decade of research,
this practical guide will show you how to prioritise your emotional
wellbeing while retaining a level of professionalism.

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square one book cover

Square One

by Nell Frizzell

Exploring the stigma of not having your life together as a
thirtysomething, this comic novel exposes the not-always-pretty
realities of life, when things don’t progress the way we’d planned.
Pre-order for its June release to be one of the first to read how
protagonist Hanna has to move back in with her parents, manage a
messy breakup and come to terms with being flooded with wedding
invites and baby showers.

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surviving the krays book cover

Surviving the Krays: The Final Explosive Secret about the Firm

by David Teale

Revealing the gritty truth about London’s toughest gangsters,
David Teale’s book, due out in March, will share shocking, intimate
snapshots of the infamous Krays. From being dragged into the
criminal underworld at the age of 17, to becoming Ronnie’s fearful
foot soldier and driver, Teale’s harrowing account reveals
first-hand accounts of how he narrowly avoided death and what
witnessing these menances in their heyday was like.

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becoming the one book cover

Becoming the One: Heal Your Past, Transform Your Relationship Patterns and Coe Home to Yourself

by Sheleana Aiyana

The founder of Rising Woman, Sheleana Aiyana is a famed
spiritual counsellor. In April 2022, her Becoming the One arrives
to talk us through the importance of embracing trauma, grief and
loss. Get ready to experience real inner peace and improved

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rewilding the sea book cover

Rewilding the Sea: How to Save Our Oceans

by Charles Clover

In March 2021, Netflix’s Seaspiracy shocked the nation. In June
of this year, be prepared to ride that same wave of emotions as you
turn the pages of Rewilding the Sea. Environmental journalist and
co-founder of the Blue Marine Foundation Charles Clover makes it
his mission to prove that the damage being done to our oceans can
be reversed, and how, through our taking action, entire ecosystems
will benefit. We’re pegging this as the most important read of

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I Feel That: Uplifting Quotes and Inspiring Pocket Wisdom for Every Mood

by Christina Scotch

If, like us, you can be guilty of rereading a page at least five
times (particularly when cocktails are in the picture) and are
looking for something you can dip in and out of, this is for you.
Hitting shelves in June, this compendium from the master behind the
cool and quirky Instagram account @QuotesByChristie is jam-packed
with quotes to suit any mood.

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Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

by Dr Julie Smith

Having hit the shelves in January, Dr Smith’s self-help book is
dedicated to sharing skills that will help you better navigate
life’s highs and lows. With many years of experience as a clinical
psychologist, Smith offers expert advice in chapters on managing
anxiety, dealing with criticism, finding motivation and learning
how to forgive yourself. Expect practical solutions that will
positively impact your life.

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the hidden universe book cover

The Hidden Universe: Adventures in Biodiversity

by Alexandre Antonelli

Brought to us by the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew’s director of
science, this fascinating read offers a journey through the natural
world. Using solid scientific research in the fields of food and
clothing, Antonelli explains how biodiversity is the most precious
tool in our battle against climate change.

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the wim hof method book cover

The Wim Hof Method

by Wim Hof

Nicknamed “The Iceman”, thanks to his record-breaking ability to
endure freezing temperatures, Wim Hof coaches readers in unleashing
the power of the mind. Due out in April, this book will show you
how to take control of your body and, as a result, activate a
different level of both mental and physical strength.

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