Our All-Time Favourite Photographs from Our Print Archives

Our All-Time Favourite Photographs from Our Print Archives

30 issues we’ve traversed across wild landscapes, pushed
boundaries and inspired travellers to go beyond well-trodden
tourists paths. We’ve kayaked across Swedish archipelagoes, rode
through the desert on horseback and salsa danced through the
cobbled streets of

We’ve met orangutans and monks, been chased by a pack of
Romanian wild dogs and munched through Michelin-worthy hotdogs at
the edge of the world. In the spirit of armchair adventure, we’ve
trawled through our epic back catalogue to bring you our favourite
SUITCASE photographs of
all time.

The best of SUITCASE Magazine, in pictures

Shōnai, Japan

Our Print Editor-in-Chief, Olivia, journeyed through this rural,
sake-producing region of Shōnai in
search of family-run farm-to-table restaurants and Japan’s greatest
food artisans.

Photos by Aron Klein

Sabah, Borneo

Borneo’s Sabah
state is prime territory for adventure. In the country’s ancient
rainforests are abundant with wildlife – saltwater crocodiles,
pygmy elephants and the famed orangutang.

Photos by Emily Garthwaite

Warsaw, Poland

Before it was blitzed and bombed during the Second World War,
earned the nickname “the Paris of the North”. Indeed, it was once
said to have been more beautiful than Prague. Nowadays, its scars
are accompanied by culture of resilience and resistance.

Photos by Francesca Petryszak

Ile de Ré, France

Parisians’ answer to Padstow, Ile de Ré
makes its visitors submit to a relaxed vibe, with its wild beaches
and cobbled streets. Photographer Issy Croker journeys across its
dunes, past pastel-green shuttered houses and along the dusty roads
backed by oyster farms.

Photos by Issy Croker

Transylvania, Romania

Despite never owning a pair of padded lycra shorts and having
not jumped on a bike since she was 15, our Editor-in-Chief India
Dowley, experienced a cycling-induced epiphany amid the “very
hilly” terrain of

Photos by Mark Leaver

Ithaca, Kefalonia

Cut off from mainland Greece, both Ithaca
and Kefalonia represent limitation and escape, retreat and return.
Singapore-born Sharlene Teo deep dives into the islands’ history,
mythology and unvarnished magic.

Photos by Adrian Morris

Botswana, Africa

Olivia Squire, our Print Editor-in-Chief, had previously shunned
the idea of safari, until she suspended her cynicism, swallowed her
preconceptions and submitted to the ancient stirrings of the

Photos by Jacob Elwood

Lofoten Islands, Norway

The most northerly inhabited island on Norway’s
Lofoten archipelago
hosts a four-day food-centric retreat
bringing Michelin-quality chefs into the wilderness. The weather is
brutal, the living equally so, but the food is outstanding.

Photos by Johan Lolos

Ladakh, Kashmir

Still lakes, deep gorges and towering mountains were a part of
India that felt unfamiliar to Indian-born chef Romy Gill. For our
Homelands issue, she travelled to
and navigated the highs and lows of being a tourist.

Photos by Karan Sachdev

Cartagena, Colombia

As heart-wrenchingly romantic as Paris or Rome, Cartagena is
Colombia’s vivacious Caribbean jewel. Steeped in history amid
stories of battles and victory, its colourful colonial architecture
and the expressive population live to tell centuries-old tales.

Photos by Kevin Faingnart

Sankt Anna Archipelago, Sweden

A self-guided kayaking adventure through the 6,000 islands that
make up
Sweden’s Sankt
Anna archipelago gave Anna Hart and photographer
Jacob Elwood a chance to go at their own pace and adhere to the
realisation that slowness is the true definition of luxury.

Photos by Jacob Elwood

Petra to Wadi Rum, Jordan

Journeying through Petra’s wind-blown terrain into the far
desert of Wadi
on horseback was a test of resilience for both photographer
Mark Leaver and Editor-in-Chief India Dowley.

Photos by Mark Leaver

Gansu, China

The legendary Venetian explorer Marco Polo was one of the first
Europeans to document his travel along the old Silk Road. For our
adventure issue, Yuri Andries retraces a small part of his epice
route, voyaging from the city of Lanzhou to the Buddhist grottoes
of Dunhuang.

Photos by Yuri Andries

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