Alpine Adventure: How (and Where) to Ice Climb in Slovenia

Alpine Adventure: How (and Where) to Ice Climb in Slovenia

Skiing? You’ve done it. Scaling a frozen waterfall, ice pick in hand? Now we’ve got your attention. In partnership with TAG Heuer, we’re exploring what it takes to achieve the extraordinary. If you’re ready to take on some of Slovenia’s most dazzling and exhilarating ice climbs, don’t miss our action-packed itinerary – and be sure to travel with the ultimate winter-sports companion: the TAG Heuer Aquaracer watch.

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get their thrills on the ground, others as they cling to
the top of a frozen waterfall. If you fall into the latter
category, we suggest you make south-eastern Europe your base for
the endurance test to end all endurance tests: an adventure-fuelled
trip up some of
‘s most heart-stopping ice-climbing trails.

A challenge taken on by only the most daring, ice climbing
breaks the boundaries of winter sports as we know them. Forget
everything you’ve ever learned on-piste: you’ll require a
high-octane cocktail of grit, resilience and strength – both mental
and physical – for this spectacular off-grid quest.

With ice pick, helmet and a good dose of courage at the ready,
you might be wondering what else you’ll want to bring (or, more to
the point, what will withstand the extreme conditions and wild
terrains you’ll be immersed in) on your trip. Being one step ahead,
we’re flagging TAG Heuer’s timelessly sleek Aquaracer luxury tool watch as the ideal piece
of kit to bring along for this epic winter journey.

Ever the ally to adventure, this timepiece is as strong as it is
smart. As you push off from the cliff edge, you won’t need to worry
about any knocks against the unforgiving ice wall in front of you –
the Aquaracer’s double-safety clasp and heavy-duty casing will keep
the watch strapped firmly to your wrist and in perfect condition,
from the ground to the clouds. All you’ll have to do is focus on
what’s ahead.

From towering frozen waterfalls to vast, ice-covered rock faces,
our six-day itinerary sees us crossing Slovenia’s glittering peaks
in search of the country’s most intoxicating summits and daring
drops, refuelling at locavore eateries and bedding down in
traditional Slovenian chalets along the way. Think you’ve got what
it takes to overcome the elements? Let’s go.

Break the ice: our ultimate Slovenian ice-climbing

Days 1-2: Kranjska Gora

Head out from Ljubljana and make a beeline upcountry towards the
Tamar Valley, an hour’s drive north-east of the capital. Ease
yourself in (read: rev yourself up) in Kranjska Gora, a
pocket-sized alpine resort within easy reach of some of the
country’s most majestic mountains and glaciers. Once you’ve
unpacked at Jasna Chalet Resort – your nest for the next two
nights – take a moment to breathe in the revitalising pine-scented
mountain air, then have a quick scan outside for chamois, deer and
rabbits: this is prime wildlife-spotting country.

For your first climb, you’ll want to make tracks to Planica, a
mountain paradise famous for its record-breaking ski jump (the
biggest of its kind when it was built, in 1936). From here, it’s an
invigorating hour’s walk to Mountain Home
, where we suggest you fuel up on štruklji – a traditional
Slovenian dish of dough with various hearty fillings – before the
final 15-minute hike up to the peak’s glorious waterfalls. Look out
for Candle waterfall, so-named for the beautiful 10m hollow ice
candle perched at its summit. Harness up, grab your crampons and
get your game face on: the frozen chute you’re about to scale
requires the upmost attention to detail – just like the features of
your trusty Aquaracer. This is winter sport, supercharged.

Days 3-4: Bled

This next part of the trip takes you to
, where you’ll be setting up camp at luxe lakeside bolthole
Grand Hotel Toplice, whose white-marble thermal
pool and unspoilt views make it an idyllic spot for a stay. You’ll
likely have seen pictures of this postcard-pretty town’s lake and
church-topped island, which is well worth a visit if you can drag
yourself away from the ice.

Hop in a traditional flat-bottom pletna boat to cross the glassy
lake to the Church of the Mother of God, or hire a rowing boat and
make your own way across the water to the landmark, which looks
like something out of a fairytale. Insider tip: head to this little
island at dawn for quiet, unadulterated views of the mirror-still
lake at sunrise.

For guaranteed ice during the winter months, we recommend the
200m-long narrow valley of Mlačca, at Mojstrana, for your next
ascent. High on the bucket list of any serious ice climber, this
glacial gorge is where the most ambitious alpinists go to train.
Set your sights on one of three waterfalls for a 40m-high climb,
then decompress at Vila Bled‘s in-house restaurant for a night of
well-deserved indulgence.

Days 5-6: Julian Alps

The final stop on your heart-racing itinerary, the Lucifer
Waterfall is as epic as it gets, and not for the faint-hearted. For
this stretch of the trip, you’ll want to check into the Triangel Boutique
, where you can prep by sleeping soundly swaddled in the
comforting embrace of the traditional chalet’s pine-clad walls,
before striking out on your most extreme venture yet.

As thrilling as its name suggests, this was the first frozen
waterfall to ever be climbed in Slovenia, so you’ll be scaling a
historic trail as you ascend towards the summit. As you emerge from
the shadows of the ravine, take a moment to glance down at your
trusted TAG Heuer timepiece. The hour and minute hands
that illuminated your climb through the shadows – thanks to the
watch’s Super-LumiNova® technology – will have returned to their
jet-black colour in the light, ready for the next leg of your
climb. By the end of which you will truly believe in the

The Lowdown

Ready to hit the ice? The TAG Heuer Aquaracer is a
next-generation luxury tool watch for ultimate explorers. Find your
precise fit here.

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