Outrageous Escapism: Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Outrageous Escapism: Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

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Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA


With streaks of sunlight burning through its crevices, the
wave-like labyrinth of the Antelope Canyon takes on an almost
hypnotic quality. Like a sculpture, the jagged sandstone formation
is treasured for its coral hues and sweeping ripples.

Arizona isn’t exactly short of canyons – in fact
it’s home to more than 30. Yet it’s the sheer drama of the Antelope
slot that makes it stand out. Such smooth, twisting corridors were
formed by flash flooding that has swept beneath the desert surface
for millennia, eroding the Navajo sandstone.

The slot is made up of two different areas: Upper and Lower
Antelope Canyon. Hankering for an off-grid adventure? The Lower
Canyon is a maze of twists and turns that forces visitors to
squeeze through the most confined passages. By contrast, Upper
Canyon is relatively flat and wide; you won’t be needing to pull
out too many bendy yoga moves to navigate its corridors, but you may
encounter more visitors here.

Where to stay

It’s a little far out, but Under Canvas Grand Canyon’s Stargazer tent is
worth the bumpy drive.

What to pack?

Protect your peepers as you emerge from the subterranean marvel
with these eco-friendly, 60s-style FreshforPandas brow-liner sunglasses – just be
wary of them getting scratched with sand. While you’ll be shaded in
the canyon, it still gets hot and dry during Arizona’s warmer
months. Carry a Halo
reusable water bottle
to stay hydrated.

Travel tip-off

To capture all its magic, visit between March and October.
You’ll want to book a morning tour (anytime between 10am-1pm) to
clap your eyes on those beams of light as they illuminate
undulating walls.

How to get there

Located on Navajo land just east of Page, it’s not too tricky to
reach (it takes between four and five hours to drive from Las Vegas or Phoenix), but you’ll need to be booked
onto a tour in order to gain access.

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